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This is a Birthday gift to
:iconmarphilhearts: :iconelirab007: :iconxxxdarkwitchxxx: :iconnovus41:
Birthday sweets by KmyGraphic
Photoshop CS6 [ manipulation ]
Thank you very much for the stock Images:
Model by :iconfaestock: Jazz couch 12 by faestock
BG by :iconrafido: here
Dragons by :iconalegion-stock: here
Sparks by :iconmariasemelevich: here
Element:Storm by :iconuniversalkinase: here
If you like my art work add comments and  +fav  please.
Thank you very much for your attention.
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So I will break this review down into a section to help me organize my thoughts on the piece. The first section......

Lighting: The lighting is always a top priority in my book this image is a chaotic electrical storm with little global light orientation behind and above the model and coupled these the reflection and diffusion through chasmic sort of surreal eruption. I think the build up in layers and blending modes makes it very effective. Overall the image stays true to the global light perhaps a little glistening on the fence and barbed wire in way of accents painted.

Composition: I like it but I would actually make an alternative version with no model or foreground sidewalk maybe put a young dragon in the foreground the image becomes about a parent protecting their offspring from harm of other dragons.

Color and contrast: I love this aspect it looks very crisp definitely eye candy.

Meaning or Message: The great artists of old at least most of them had a message or a feeling they were trying to project in their work. The message is a sort of fantasy maybe post-apocalyptic sort of event but maybe the dragons are her pets and she is an evil villain bringing this chaotic event. In this case, maybe a narrative describing your story sort of a book cover look it becomes then.

Textures: I think the key to effective texturing is shadow and highlights for them even the mist can produce subtle shadows in itself and this is where offset counter layers (moved slightly) with different blending modes and opacities can work even playing with channels ultimately makes renders of effects in 3D. I think you did awesomely but the beak of no effect in the foreground maybe play with it.

The dragons look great their interaction so fabulous! Never feel obligated to post my critiques I do so because you asked and because you are an artist I deeply love and respect.
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Thanks a lot!:) (Smile) 
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Very creative and timeless! Love it!
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Thank you so much!
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Most welcome new friend...
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wow could be used as as poster for horror movie 
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Thank you for your attention!
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Не за что)))
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Very cool! I love those Dragons!!
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Thank you very much,dear friend! Hug 
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Здорово! Необычно для тебя:)
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Спасибо,Лорочка! Давнишняя работа..случайно откопала в своих папках :) (Smile) 
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great concept + great work friend Heart 
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Many thanks! Heart 
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you're welcome Heart 
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Beautiful artwork and scene, nicely done :)
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No problem, and you're always welcome Alena :hug:
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Great job my dear!Nod 
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