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Another practice of semi-realism, if you can call it that, it still looks very anime-like for me (︿)

I'm happy with this, and enjoyed so much to paint it, but I feel he looks a little too.. idk, girly maybe xD like, he has the face that you would draw to a Princess Kenny rather than a regular Kenny, but hey, all Kenboys are beautiful, amirite? 8'>
Idk, maybe if it wasn't south park but another fandom, it wouldn't look so odd for me, but welp, I hope some of you like!

Otra practica de semi-realismo, sí se puede llamar así, todavía se ve bastante anime para mí (︿)

Estoy contenta con esto, y disfrute mucho pintándolo, pero siento que se ve muy... no sé, niñita talvez xD como que, tiene la cara que le pondrías a
una Princesa Kenny más que a un Kenny común(? , pero hey, todos los Kennies son bellos, a que sí? 8'>
No sé, tal vez sí no fuera south park sino otro fandom, no sé vería tan raro para mí, pero bien, espero que a algunos les guste!
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i love the way you drew him aaaaaa < 3 3 3 your coloring is so good too ????
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Thaaanks a lot!!! ;---; Coloring is a b*tch, but I'm so glad that you like it<3
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Thanks a lot!
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What an angel!! The long lashes make him look his canonical age, imo. I understand how you feel when you keeping drawing a character too much and they start looking funny from your own perspective...
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I was thinking he looked older, but I'm relieved that he still passes as a child. I don't want to age up these characters that much yet.
I know, it happens all the time. I blame my inconsistency at drawing style > >
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Damn, I wish I had eyes like that! And hair like that as well while we're at it.
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Ha, honestly, me too : P
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The prettiest bean ♥♥
amazing job, his face is mesmerizing (goddammit Kenny.-) and I love how you did the colors *^* ♥♥♥
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I know right! ; ;
Ahh, thanks a lot for your kind words ♥ I'm so happy that you like it<3
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You’re very welcome <3 <3
Cutest bean for the win <3
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It's like semi anime and real, I like it!
That expression is too amazing, that smile of pureness.
Makes me wanna cry already, it's such a beautiful work.
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Yes, that's what I thought, but I also like it!
Ahh thank you~ He's too sweet, I like to see him happy
And I'm so happy for your comment, thanks a lot ;;!
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You're welcome, it's such a beautiful detail.
I will definitely look forward to more of your arts.
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I love it, he's adorable
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Thank you!!
I agree, I love him ^^
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Kenny is probably one of my favourite characters. :)
Is it okay if I use him as my profile picture aswell?
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I'm sorry for the late reply! I'm very flattered that you want to use it :) and I thank you deeply for asking first.
Of course you can use it with the respective credit, like, if you could write it in your signature that would be great.
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Thank you. I will also be glad to give you the credit you deserve. :D
Alemi-098od's avatar
Ok, thanks a lot for it! :D
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No problem, keep up making great art! :D
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He's too precious ; ;
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