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Tutorial CCS Wands and Keys

By Alementiya
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:bulletblack: Tutorial: CCS Wands and Keys :bulletblack:

 :bulletpink:CCS :pointr: Card Captor Sakura
If you use any of my references, tutorials and/or ideas, please credit me.

Do not claim any of my work or ideas as your own.

Card Captor Sakura © CLAMP

 :bulletred:Fonts Used;
:bulletpink: SimSun
:bulletpink: Nauert
:bulletpink: Trebuchet MS
:bulletpink: Arial

 :bulletred:Other Photo's;
:bulletpink:CCS Prop WIP 001
:bulletpink:CCS Prop WIP 002
:bulletpink: CCS Prop WIP 003
:bulletpink:CCS Sakura's Magic Keys
:bulletpink:CCS Clow Wand
:bulletpink:CCS Star Wand

ALSO: You might find these :bulletyellow:3D Star Templates:bulletyellow: useful.

If anyone doesn't understand anything, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TELL ME! I don't bite, and will do my best to explain and/or help in any way I can.

1. About the 'cylinder';
I got a piece of card, and sorta 'rolled' it around the Pepsi lid. The rubber bands in the photo's were to keep it in place as the glue dried, and I used a few layers of very thin card (it's flexible so it's easier to make cylinders with it) so that it was really strong.

Something else you could use for the cylinder - the card tube you get on the inside of wrapping paper, just cut maybe 5cm or so. Cut a circle from a piece of card that's the same size as the hole of the tube, super-glue the bottle-lid to it, then tape this to the cylinder. Simpler and easier than what I did!

The reason why I made this is because I wanted to seperate the 'head' of the wand so I didn't have to make two seperate sticks for each wand.

The cylinder was to hide the lid and to make it look neater. It also gives a little extra support, because Pepsi lids are quite small and without the long cylinder, the clow/star head of the wand could just break off.
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Where did you get these types of templates ? Because I'm working on a project and I'm almost done and I want to put the pictures showing step by step on how to do said project then upload it on here.
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Which template? If you mean the tutorial itself, I just made it up myself in Photoshop.
IzzyPokemon's avatar
Oh ok! Thanks but nevermind I found something else different!
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This is a really great tutorial! :iconexcitedlaplz: The bottle cap idea is genius!
Alementiya's avatar
haha thank you!!
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Is it okay if you cover the card with clay(Like Model Magic) instead of balls of newspaper?
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I don't know as I've not tried it, but it might work!
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Omg You're a GENIUS on how to make this prop(s) easier to make instead of all the expensive ways to do it!!! THANK YOU!!! Now I can ACTUALLY try and successfully make my CCS Sakura cosplay with this and finally get my friend to be my Tomoko since she's also a photographer... ... ... THAT'S NOT WHY I WANT HER TO COSPLAY HER AT ALL!!! >.< We kinda agreed that she'd do the cosplay with me ever since I won the perfect Sakura wig in a bidding war and only paid $5 for it in total. :D
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I'm glad this was useful to you!
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will regular old kitchen sheers work on the bottle lid?
Alementiya's avatar
I don't know, I've never tried that but it might work.
Wierdrocks's avatar
what did you to cut them?
Alementiya's avatar
I used a craft knife and some scissors.
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Thank you so much! I was in desperate need of a staff and I'll let you know how successful I am at following your tutorial.
Rilla1211's avatar
This is fantastic, I look forward to trying this tutorial myself for a convention I'm going to!
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wow they look amazing
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very good! helped me a lot in my wand for cosplay Sakura CC. Thank you!
PS: The best tutorial I found in the 3 months I'm looking for
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Thanks, I'm glad it helped! :D
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This is wonderful! Thanks for making this - i didn't know how to even /start/ making the wand, let alone the birdy-part. Just curious, but how long does it take to make the wands? Well, mainly the two heads.
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The head for the bird wand took FOREVER! x_x
Because you want to get the shape right, and as smooth as possible. I can't really remember how long it took, as it was Summer 2009 when I made these, but I think it took about a day just doing the papier mache of the birdy-part. Afterwards, it only took ages becuase of waiting for paint and glue to dry.

It didn't take as long with the other one, although the way I did it with card did take a while.

One thing, if you wanted to make the star wand, make sure the wings are on securely, mine broke off.
The bird-head should be fine, mine is still very strong even after all these years. :D
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