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Spyro3: Easter Bunny (SWF video)

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This is my video,
and I want to show you the animated model of Mr. Fistus from Spyro2 Epilogue that appears in scene background of Hunter’s Tussle cutscene of Spyro3!

– In the first part of the video you should follow white arrows to notice Mr. Fistus in original cutscene (near to the Spooky Swamp’s portal).
– Next I’ll show you that model from all sides through all scene.
– After this you’ll see it’s animation from different views.
– Finally, as a bonus I’ll give you a shot of the whole scene action from above.

Also you can get my video in AVI format by downloading this multipart archive:……………
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Have you uploaded this to YouTube?
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Did it myself, here ya go~
Always wondered what that guy was. Thanks for making this video. I appreciate it. I've also shared some of these pictures on Tumblr:…
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Who is Mr. Fistus?!
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I'm not getting video. Only audio......
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who is mr fistus i googled him n there was the cave man with the gold skeleton as one pic but nothing else relating to spyro and that model looks vaguely familiar 
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An unused enemy from Spyro 2. 
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