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Last Wishes Wallpaper

By alekSparx
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hayy everyone :meow:
Today I was sort of idling through google randomly came across fireflies in jars and one thing led to another and here's a wallpaper that I made :)

Hope you enjoy :D I really like this one because it's something I never do and I thought I did quite a nice job XD
The grass is stitched together hardcore by the way d:

- Made in photoshop cs4

Stock -
~tennyoSTOCK - Grass Patches & Scenery Grass
*lilbittydemon-stock - Glass Jar

* edit

My second daily deviation yayyy :D! I am quite excited that an actual imagery piece of mine got selected this time around <3 I would like thank `Infinite705 for the feature, it means a lot to me :3
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Would you mind if i used this as a background for a lyric video that I may be making?
If you let me I will give you credit for the photo and If you want me to I will post a link on here to the video
alekSparx's avatar
hey, sure thing :) you are allowed to use it if you credit me
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I love this! Permanent primary wallpaper... (well, for at least the next year or so :) )
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I was just looking for a new background
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When I was little (which is taking us 10 years back at most) during the summer there were so many fireflies we could really fill a jar after a five-hour hunting. :D
Now I rarely see one... :(
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that's such a lovely fond memory :) I don't think I have ever seen a fire fly in my life... at least not as of it
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thank you so much :D
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you'er welcome. it's just so pretty ^w^
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it looks like fairy dust. I love it <3
alekSparx's avatar
it does too :D thank you :3! I remember my initial idea was that it was a giant firefly in the jar d:
what did you mean that the grass was stitched together hardcore lol?
well it turned out awesomely anyway! and it is mysterious and calming like someone else said, breathtaking <3
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Okay, this is AWESOME! I actually had a similar idea for a painting too advanced for me to pull off (I'm not that good). It involves a single solitary red flame lantern sitting on land at the edge of a large pool or lake of water. The lantern is in the bottom left of the painting near the edge of the lake. All of this is inside a large dim cave with ice along the walls and floor, giving a bluish hue to everything except the lamp and the space around it.
alekSparx's avatar
you should really try it ! it sounds like a really awesome idea, I might steal it ;) hahah nah I wouldn't steal things. Should really try it though it sounds like it will turn out awesome :)
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Like I said, I would have done it by now if it wasn't way out of my league. Not only is Painting not really my thing as much as drawing is, but I don't have the right knowledge, skills, or materials to make it. I would love it if you could make it though! BTW, I love your avatar. That moment in the game's credits always made me laugh. Now that I think about it, it's the ONLY time Zelda actually kisses Link in the WHOLE SERIES.
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I know everyone says this, but its absolutely beautiful!
It gives me a sense of calm, but also a hint of mysteriousness :O.
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it doesn't matter if everyone says it :3 I am glad I can give those emotions to you through this picture because my initial idea was to make it emotional at the start :)
Ask-PrincessAsh's avatar
Ah, well you have achieved your goal with this picture. :3 It's now my wallpaper for my iPad.
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