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Genuine Glossy Metal 'Reborn' Style

By alekSparx
hayy everyone and welcome to my final installment to my glossy fun text series !

:bulletblue: Metal Reborn :bulletblue:

Since I already have a metal style I constantly look back at it and think... "I could've made that SO MUCH BETTER!" and well this style is just showing you that I did that so here it is :)

My Metal Reborn style :D!
It is my final glossy style that I will do (I might continue) and come to think of it, I am getting a bit emotional because I love doing these ):

I just felt 7 editions is quite a lot for a series but who knows, maybe I will make more reborn sub-series ;) ?

This file includes the following -

:bulletblue: 1 .psd of the 8 Metal Styles + an inspirational quote
:bulletblue: 1 .jpg of the preview image that you see
:bulletblue: 1 .txt document stating an important message :)

I have not added any extra information as I usually do because each single word is edited in a completely different way to the next word so their would be TOO MUCH information in the .txt document, so you must learn this one for yourselves :la:

If you have found these useful in any way please download/comment/favourite if you want to because I appreciate feedback :)

:bulletblue: Genuine Glossy Fun Text #1 - [link]
:bulletblue: Genuine Glossy Fun Text #2 - [link]
:bulletblue: Genuine Glossy Fun Text #3 - [link]
:bulletblue: Genuine Glossy Fun Text #4 - [link]
:bulletblue: Genuine Glossy Fun Text #5.1 - [link]
:bulletblue: Genuine Glossy Fun text #6 - [link]

- Made in photoshop cs4
© 2011 - 2021 alekSparx
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TY very pretty

Great work, thank you.
XPsychoBarbieX's avatar
Gah ! I have to download winrar just to open these but OMG they are GORGEOUS I MUST HAVE THEM !!!!!!
wendyoj25's avatar
Thank you so mu:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Hug uh your awesome!
000jiva000's avatar
 Thank you too much!
Nordicks's avatar
Very nice. Thanks
GemmaFurbank's avatar
Doh..dufas over here has found the link lol - Blonde! Thank you!!! x
alekSparx's avatar
haha, made me laugh :D enjoy them !
GemmaFurbank's avatar
lol..bit of a delayed reaction from me..been busy with my music! :D Thank's again!
GemmaFurbank's avatar
These are ace mate! I am so rubbish with anything that doesn't involve a Pencil! :) Thank you for sharing these. As i am so useless, how do i go about downloading? lol Thank you x
alekSparx's avatar
hahah why's that? and thank you for wanting to download them :)
PeggyWalters's avatar
Thank you! I am just starting out with Illustrator and Photoshop. Tutorials like this make learning fun!
alekSparx's avatar
you are very welcome :D although it's not really a tutorial just a little .psd for knowledge ^^`
Aprendizzz's avatar
WOW!!! Man, what a great job... congratulations!!! Thanks a lot for this beautiful gift you have gave us...!!!
alekSparx's avatar
you're very welcome XD
maurovaradero's avatar
great job, thank you very much!!!
alekSparx's avatar
you're welcome :3
Thanks Brother, just what I need.
alekSparx's avatar
you're welcome :D
glad to be an assistance :)
alekSparx's avatar
I am assuming that you :heart: it :meow: ?
witchhunttress's avatar
alekSparx's avatar
hope you enjoy it ;D! was my very last style I ever made :)
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