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Silent Steps

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Your art is great, especially those more abstract and esoteric paintings. May one day reach half your quality.

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Thank you! I really should do more of those kinds of paintings, hopefully I have the time for it next year. And you'll definitely get there :)!

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My mans is ripped, but dat thigh gap though xD

Another beautiful piece, these two must have an interesting story.

AleksiRemesArt's avatar

:DThanks! I do hope to tell some kind of a story through these drawings.

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delightful work

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I absolutely love the way you paint "outer space" environments. It has that surreal, otherworldly atmosphere that I feel like is only found in vintage sci-fi art.

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Thank you! I haven't really thought about that consciously, but now that you mention it I can definitely see the resemblance! I also really like much of that old sci-fi space art, especially the works of Paul Lehr, so maybe the influence has come through that :D

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Wow!!! Nice work! :heart:

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Is a nice work :D

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You are welcome :D

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