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Neo Exdeath

Character  Exdeath
Redraw of Neo Exdeath's sprite from Final Fantasy V.
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Evil Christmas Tree attack!

Good job on this, of all of Amano's designs, this and God of Magic Kefka were the ones that looked the most like a classical painting.

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Thanks! I really like these old FF boss designs and how chaotic they can be, I'm probably going to tackle God Kefka at some point too (since I'm planning to make a zine of these recent FF drawings). I think this version of Exdeath may actually be by Nomura since I remember him doing a lot of the creature designs for FF5 and 6.

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I was hoping you'd say you were going to do Kefka :D

But I never would have thought this was a Nomura design, all the dangly bits and the furry bits and all the bastards stuck together are more up Amano's ally.

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Yeah! In fact I will probably do both versions of Kefka, but the other one will most likely stay as an exclusive for the zine. I'm not sure yet which one, though making the God Kefka one available for everyone might make for better promo.

Actually God Kefka is also Nomura's design, at least the lower parts of the boss tower. They do resemble Amano's style a lot, but when you think about it, they are also in line with many of the later Nomura bosses such as Safer Sephiroth or the final form Ultimecia.

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Cool :)

Really? Heh I got to start giving Nomura more credit, here I was thinking he was all belts, zippers and Gackt xD

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:D He is all that for sure, but also busy and surreal monster designs too.

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Ohhhhh wow! Safe to say I have never seen this before!

This blows me away. It's hard to decide where to start here... I guess it will be with the art style.

It's so soft, yet so well rendered that every little detail is captured and embraced with a skill so founded it's hard to discern if it's digital or not. It must have taken ages to finish this work. I love how it looks just like some of the official game art.

The coloring here is very uniform, and that adds to the easiness on the eyes and the movement of vision across the piece. Little sporadic slashes of vibrancy here and there keeps the eyes roaming and looking for those extra details, while the use of shades and highlights make the forms pointedly distinguishable. The old paper texture is a very nice touch that makes this feel like a illustration from an ancient tome forgotten to time.

The subject matter is not something I come across often either. How much do we see of Exdeath, let alone it's later forms in fan art? Not that frequently from what I've seen. Love that you've decided to tackle this beast of a boss character.

Thank you for giving us on DA this visual feast. Your art is splendid.

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Thank you very much for your kind words! I did try to make the design a little more uniform while still keeping those details and "business" of the original in there. This one didn't actually take me as long as it may seem, since I did it maybe for a week with only a couple of hours of progress each day. I did the original drawing with just pencil in my sketchbook and then painted over it in Photoshop.

I don't see much fan art of these "final form" FF bosses around either, but I've always liked their surreal designs, I find them very inspiring and interesting to look at. Thank you again, and glad to hear you enjoyed the piece!

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Really cool way to draw those very busy sprites with so much detail, awesome work kupo!

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Thank you very much! :D

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