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Lydie Erlanger

Location  Castlevania
Sketch of Lydie Erlanger from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

Working on a drawing of Juste Belmont too!

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This is awesomely awesome.

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I've never played HoD, sadly, so I didn't even know who she was first xD

Beautiful work, particularly the eyes, they have a lot of life in them.

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Thanks man :D!

I recently played through HoD on the Advance Collection. I'm not really sure how much I can recommend it though, it doesn't have the series' strongest level design. But at least the characters and illustrations are nice.

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Yeah it starts to get annoying 3/4 of the way into the game. Music is good though (and would have actually been possible on the famicom unless my ears decieve me)

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I love how nostalgic this portrait. looks. Gorgeous work.

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Thank you very much! :)

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Ooooooooh, Harmony of Dissonance fan art. She looks lovely, man. Excellently done.

Looking forward to Juste, too. He's straight up my favorite Belmont.

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Thanks man :D! Juste is one of my favorite protags from the series too but I never got around to draw him. Now that it's Halloween season, I thought about finally making some new Castlevania art and doing so. I was going to include Lydie into that one too, but I couldn't quite fit her into its composition so this separate sketch kind of came out of that since I didn't want to miss the chance to draw her as well.

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looks lovely!

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