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wacom icons

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wacom icons 128px png and ico formats

made in Photoshop

please +fav it if you download it =)

now, special for :iconbodysoulspirit: its available in 512 px to (pen only in 256 px)
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I know I'll find a use for these and my new Wacom... nice work!
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Does the images in the pc can be view in the wacom tablet itself? Tnx.. ^_^
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These are exactly what I was looking for! Looks great on my desktop! Great job! =D
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Any usage conditions, such as "credit me if used"? :)

Will likely add this icon to indicate my tablet in my portfolio.

Anyhow, awesome icon! :heart:
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How much would an intuos 3 wacom cost? is it available for windows xp? someone pls msg me. i am soooo in love w/ digital drawing.^^
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Great work! I'm using the 128 pen and tablet one for my Photoshop icon! :dummy:
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finally!! I'm so glad that I finally found this kind of icon! thank you! :love:
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I look at all the pretty tablets and so far I like the Intuos3 and Cintiq 21UX the best. Intuos3 is cheaper than Intuos4, and the 21UX is the grand prize of them all. ;_; I don't have a tablet and I want to get one sooo badly. But I can't afford it so I'll have to wait a while.
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EEEEEE!!!!!! I loveses them! my tablet is my baby!
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Thanx, these look gr8,
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Freaking Awesome! I have the Wacom Intuos 3 for my graphic designing co...

Thanks so much for the Icons. :O)
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Awesome. I'll probably use this icon for my tablet settings till the day my pc dies. Great work.
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I search that Tablet in Best buy and you know how much it cost?

it cost $999.99 O_O

awesome work!!
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Hi thanks for the work needed them, just works great for icon replacement of the old corel painter brush
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nice work......:)
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Great but only 128 pixels :( 512 !
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512? for what? i can send you 512 px icon, if you need it ;)
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:) yeah of course, 256 for vista, and 512 for apple leopard. PNG, because its a great icon but its too small to use :)
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special for you, i made it in 512 px to)
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Hahah :) Thanks alot friend :) Thats much better, such a great icon :)

See you
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