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Ground Control to Major Tom

By alekgorn
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© 2013 - 2021 alekgorn
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Hey, I loved this and saved it to my facebook profile page. Hope that was okay?? I attributed the art to Alek Gorn. Let me know if you would like for me to remove it. Thank you!!
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Thanks ,pal :)
please take a lok at my gallery :)…
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wow I wish this idea was mine lol great job!!!
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cry now, baby
tought of it first :P
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Essa musica <3333
A propósito, muito boa a sua pintura! ;)
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obrigado, minha flor :)))
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this is awsome, perhaps you should experiment on mixing up colors to add more uniqueness to space. 

try adding a big blotch of water on your color palette(like purple), mix it with the medium sized brush(let the brush soak it up) then let it drip on your paper(dont dry it), while it's still wet, do the same thing to another color(like maybe dark blue) then let it drip on top of the blue where its on paper, it should begin to mix together(but dont let it mix completely). grab a smaller brush and just guide the water around to even it out.

anyways, that's kind of my technique but it's up to you, you just gotta play around with it.

hope it helped:iconsmilieplz:
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Working on a wet surface is kind of unpredictable... What I don't like very much. I'm a very insecure person ahhaha. But I Promisse I'll try  to follow your hints.  
Oh gosh! what a  compelling double sense in the first Sentence ... ahahahahah
but whatever.:haha?: (and please, don't missunderstand me, I'm straight) (or I think Ia am)
Sorry for all the nonsense....
oh, Please join us :
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well it is unpredictable but I mean once you try it, you may even like what it becomes. but anyway like I said, it's up to you.

& I'd be happy to join^^thanks:3
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Thank, you, kind lady
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Cool drawing, mate.;)  What did you use, watercolours? I'm curious.
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Watercolor :)
Lineart is Ink
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Very nice! Much better than my somewhat similar Space Oddity sketch. lol Because colooooor!~
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witch sketch ?
please, show me
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