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Large update, hair and skin textures added. New face .

Thank you
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 Excellent Work.:) (Smile) 
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Great work!! l'd love to see a similar take on Ben Affleck's Batman!!!!
he look's a bit like Metro Man 
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is disney bought DC then this is what you get. great job!DeviantArt 
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Thank you so much, 
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a bit cartoony 
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wow. now they need to animate this. nicely done.
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That's amazing!!!! :D  Thank you for sharing. It would be really great to see a Batffleck's version too.
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That is incredible work!  Awesome!
Now that the new "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" suit released, i was wondering if you 're going to do that, too. Or Batman's...
Anyway, your work is absolutely fantastic! Keep up!
Outstanding work!!!!what would you charge to do a green lantern( Hal Jordan) like this, maybe with little lantern textures?
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I Just LOVE this pic,  I Wish Wish I knew how to do the texture on the hole suit like you did, the suit looks Amazing... IF you Would be so kind as to tell me How you did the suit, Mostly the texture????!!  Please!
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Great rendition! I think the Man of Steel suit would like me more if the chest symbol, the "belt" motif and the boots were a bit more smooth in the same way as the bracelets.
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This is fucking awesome!
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Great! I love it!
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Man, everyone already told you this, but I'll repeat it again: It's amazing. And beautiful. but hey, yeah, this is an update,right? I remember the previous ones, it's funny because they were already excellent. You're pretty good at making perfect things better. Super job :)
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