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Topaz the Shiny Kangaskhan

Name: Topaz

Type: Kangaskhan

Occupation: Motherly 

Gender: Female

Items: MegaStone Necklace (neck) , Bandana w/the clover badge (neck), Ribbon (head)

Friends: Ruby the snivy, Pearl the popplio, Gianna, Drake, Adrian, Scarlet and Emerald the eevees

Family/ Team: Derek the Shiny Chespin (his son), Pearl the popplio, Ruby the Snivy

Likes: Wormbooks, Learning Moves, Cooking, Protect their friends, Chesnaughts, Investigate, Be Helpful and Keep some stuff and friends in her pouch, Aggrons,Pokepuffs, Swimming

and listen some music

Fav. Moves: Dizzy Punch, Cut, Surf, Fire Ice and Thunder Punch, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Drain Punch

Dislikes: ???

About the baby kangaskhan that was in white color means is gone 

Base Created by transformersfan999 

Base link: transformersfan999.deviantart.…
Kangaskhan belongs to Gamefreak/Nintendo 

Topaz belongs to me Alejandro10000 
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, no se que decir, pero no se les hara facil creer que es, embra, aun que lo escribas en la descripcion
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Buen consejo compadre, pero tambien lo que puse en blanco el pequeño significa que desaparecio
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osea que perdio a su hijo?
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Si, ella lo perdio para siempre
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Pero al menos tiene a derek el chespin brillante , ruby el snivy y pearl la popplio
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no sabia del popplio, pero almenos no esta sola
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I´ll be Ruby and Topaz. I sent you a note.
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oh who are they?
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Ruby the snivy and Topaz the shiny kangaskhan
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Alright, also the note is sent
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Cute and beautiful. Love 

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