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Alice in Nukeland

By Aledin
My entry for the CGHub challenge "Fairytales Re-Imagined".
Alice in Wonderland isn't a truly a Fairy Tale but the theme was allowed and I always liked it.
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This is an incredibly great job.

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W O W ! ! !
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Wow! This is wonderfully weird.
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Fallout: Wonderland
jangan sampai kamu gak tau, kunjungi link dibawah ini sekarang ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iytdfuyh    :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) Waaaah!  DeviantArt DeviantArt………      :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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   Hello, Im doing #makeithorrorchallenge for Amino Horror. Can I use your artwork for the blog? I'll credit your name for sure. Here's a synopsis of the alternative story.

   An asylum runaway has wandered into a dark forest after her escape. There she met her first horror of the long night. A cannibalistic hillbilly White Rabbit and his invisible friend Cheshire Cat respectively. They pumped her with unknown plant drug, overdosing the poor soul. On the plus side it gave her bone marrow a mega boost. Production of blood cells, unbelievable proportions... Soon a dry forest will turn into scarlet swamp. The ancient spirit of the woods Cheshire Cat will be satisfied. As they began to cut her limbs, making her smaller, Alice's pulsing mind fell into a magical hole of pure hell...
Hopefully this story will keep you on the edge of insanity. 
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Sure, thanks for the notice.
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Wow, creative ^_^
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Congratulations, your piece is featured on DarK, with your interview!
DarK loves you!
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Thanks so much! :hug:
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Hey just letting you know, I really like your work and I posted this piece to my Facebook group so others can see. Giving you full credit of course.
Here's the link if you wanna check it out:…
If there is any reason you'd want me to take it down, just let me know and i'll remove it at once.
Hope to see more of your work soon! (:
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Hi, very much appreciated!
Hey, is this available as a print? Been obsessed with Alice ever since American McGee's Alice and your interpretation is on point!
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Yes, it is. Here or in my Fineartamerica site:…
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...This a masterpiece all right. I really like how you got everything real that....well that thing witht he face is horrifying. I don't know rather to kill it or ask it if its human. I'd probably be just frozen, to see such thing in real life. Also the cat is really....well done. As it almost looks as if you had to draw out the cat's body completely.Then make the bones. Unless you possibly just...made the bones without having to do the whole body.

I really do like how you did the city, as it certainly seems the result of something extremely awful. Like an actual tiny nukes just hit each building in different places. Like the ones in the background look really ruined. But that makes me ask....why is it called "Nukeland" it seemed deformed and weird like wonderland but it just makes me wonder. Anyways this is good, certainly did deserve that DD.
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Thanks for the nice comment.
The cat was pretty much done as you described. Had to be drawn entirely to know where to put the bones.

I called it Nukeland to convey it was a nuked/post atomic city, with mutants and radiations, but still "wondrous" and unusually weird. Or maybe it's just someone's nightmare.
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Ohhh I see owo how very interesting. Nuked...but got weird stuff still goin' on....wonderful 
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I would have never thought of thisClap
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I love Alice in Wonderland and this is an AWESOME new take on it!! Amazing illustration! :D
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