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By alecyl
supergirl in her new costume :)
5 hours or so
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God, this is awesome!
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She looks kinda sinister.
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Love it, need more of it!
She looks she's up to something and its not any good
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Not too opposed to the removal of the red crotch, but she needed the bob haircut.
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This is frickin epic!
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Changing the red "codpiece" to blue automatically gives this costume more of a one-piece feel, and looks way better in that regard. No more drawing my eyes to that area any more, no sir! :phew:

Excellent work, and ~Woerlan hit the nail on the head, she looks scarier now than before. She looks truly ready to kick some villain ass... the supreme look of confidence tells me so.

Hope to see more amazing works like this, for now, this is heading into my favourites. Well done! =)
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Amazing work! One of the best New 52 Supergirl art I have seen!
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O_O WOW. When you change the color of the crotch panel to blue, it makes the costume a whole lot better. She looks incredible. Also scary.


Is it wrong to be turned on by that look she's giving?
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beautiful work! and instant fav!
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Awesome work,beautiful piece
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I like this re-design of her.
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I bow to you kinda sir, simply amazing work!!
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Excellent work. Love the shading!. The eye glow is a very nice touch, as is the stylised S-symbol.

Thanks for posting! :)
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thanks a bunch :)
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WONDERFUL!!!! Great work!
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