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rapture family

recently played bioshock 2 again, awesome game with the best and definitely saddest ending(s) ever! XD

i thought a while of putting sofia in the pic too, but in the end i didn't do that because i really really hate her :XD:
actually she's the only npc in the game i actually wanted to kill, the others just weren't worth it :XD:

well...i'm off to pay rapture another visit...and this time i won't cry at the end!! :P

i'm open for commissions, details here:[link]
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In the dying lunatic asylum of Rapture, it somehow worked!
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That's really nice I wished delta would stayed alive and they would stayed together as a happy family forever=)
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He stays alive in one of the endings.

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Awwwwww, so cute! :heart::heart:
(I agree to the sad ending btw - Still an awesome game ^^)
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I love the game and this picture is awesome
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This is just amazing :D
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I loved that ending, it's so delicate and beautiful; Delta will always be with her daughter, it's a metaphor of life.
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AWESOME! I love the detail and the suits! 

We should rename this, "Father and Daughter".
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why can't the other bioshock games end like the first one? Seriously.
I don't mind admitting that I cried at the happy ending of the first game. :iconrlytearplz:
"Waaah haa haa! It's so beautiful! *wheeze* I need a moment..." -Emperor Kuzco, Kronk's New Groove
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I agree, that CRAZY bitch would have REALLY defiled this BEAUTIFUL family portrait!
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Family is the best type of home.
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Awesome work ! I love it :)
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absolutely love it
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Great work! It's looks great <3
Although this person is claiming that it's theirs: [link]

Just thought i'd let you know D:~
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thanks for letting me know :)
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