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PHOCT R1 :iconalecvastor:AlecVastor 0 1
Patron Secondary Characters
Name: "Toothpick" Charlie
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: light
Build: Scrawny Little Man
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Wears a pinstripe suit complete with hat and spats
Overview: Charlie is a businessman through and through. He sells
anything to anyone and is always on the lookout for more
business. He's very hard working and insists on doing all his
business himself, from pick up to delivery. He tends to fidget a
lot and perpetually chews the toothpicks that give him his name.
He hates show offs and people who ask too many questions, but is
usually polite to return customers who see him as a dependable
resource of all things.
Charlie spent most of his life in the city, developing
contacts and relations with people high and low. Because of this
he is known by both politicians and underworld gangsters, though
all tend to keep his dealing on the down low. He is prized as
someone who can ge
:iconalecvastor:AlecVastor 0 1
Blayne Fargo Ref
Patron Character Reference Template
Name: Blayne Fargo
Super alias: no real alias, sometimes referred to as Blayne the Bouncer
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 181
Build: Thin for his height, but well toned
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Short, light brown hair carefully combed
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Other defining features: Never moves faster than a walk, has a small scar below left eye and burns on his hands and body (mostly hidden beneath clothes)
Clothing: Wears a grey suit with the jacket discarded and sleeves rolled up. Has a black tie with a gold music note tie tack, the symbol of the Lindlater Group, often wears leather gloves
Overview: Blayne is generally seen as lazy. He prefers to relax and avoid trouble, spending his time enjoying the weather or the company of friends. He is however highly self disciplined, a side he rarely shows to others, training every morning to keep in shape and control his powers. He is highly loyal to the Lindlater gr
:iconalecvastor:AlecVastor 0 1
Patron Audition
There are two types of bouncers, those who are there to look effective and those who are there to BE effective. Big Frankie is of the former group. He's big, imposing and looks like he regularly wrestles elephants. However, in a world where a five year old could be capable of throwing you through an ice cream truck, size isn't everything and there is always someone bigger. Case in point being the sculpted Adonis who approached the club entrance with more girls draped on him than he had arms. Frankie held out his hand to stop him.
"Sorry sir, only those on the list allowed in tonight." Tuesday nights were members only nights at The Quasar club, and we like to keep it that way. Gives the regulars a chance to blow off steam and not worry about who might be around. The man chuckled and his girls followed suit.
"Don't you know who I am, big boy? I'm Gold Midas, now step aside for your betters."
Seriously? I could hear him from where I sat just inside the door and reluctantly turned away fro
:iconalecvastor:AlecVastor 1 1
Bodkin Aud
It is a wonderful feeling, to view the fruit of your labors. As the distant sounds of explosions and gunfire drifted under the cafe gables Bodkin found himself again thankful not to be working in an office. He sipped upon a fruity beverage and pitied the poor cogs in the machine who only ever got a glimpse at what their work entailed. The smoke from numerous fires rose up over the city. Unlike the he had gotten to see everything.
The city held the seat of government of this small equatorial country, and it had been a peaceful place full of resorts and markets and happy people. Until Bodkin came. The easiest emotion to instill in a man of power is paranoia. With only a few careful letters and fliers the hint of civil unrest had reached their glorious leader who had reacted in kind and struck down hard upon the people of the city. After that all Bodkin had to do was egg on both sides with misunderstandings, find a few crazed bombers and watch the results.
He had acted as an intermediary
:iconalecvastor:AlecVastor 1 4
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Mature content
Lyric: The Beginning :iconmurphyslaw159:Murphyslaw159 4 20
Tree of Duality by joelhustak Tree of Duality :iconjoelhustak:joelhustak 409 25



United States
Due to the turbulent sea of ducks that is life I barely got this submission in on time. Even then I was unhappy with the format as I did it all in about two hours. But the important part is the story and I liked how it turned out. It was fun and I can't wait to see my opponent's.
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