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Hey friends,

I apologise for the scary title, but I want you all to read and understand what has been moving me so deeply and made me come to a very hard decision. After a very long time of thinking and making new experiences through the past few weeks, I came to the difficult decision and you should know it first:

Revealing the full pages of Haunter of Dreams online was not the right approach. Not for this story, for the backers and collaborators who supported me, and also for myself as an artist. I have decided to pause the weekly releases to all platforms, except Patreon and to focus on getting the book printed and sent out to Indiegogo backers.

The weekly release of pages felt like a very good idea at first. I was aiming to build a community growing around the characters and open up for interesting conversations around it. While feedback on the first released pages were overwhelmingly amazing, I realised quickly how much the weekly scheduling interrupts the flow of the story. 

We are a friendly and cozy circle of people who can be open with each other and share what moves us as to remain this wonderful unity of artists and admirers alike. Some of you probably saw it coming and my family and friends have supported me greatly along the way, so it’s important to me to be open with you all and share the reasons.

1) I realized that Haunter of Dreams doesn't work well as an online comic. The story was meant to be shared as a whole, in a book, as I constructed it with the idea to let it flow like an animated movie. From the very beginning of the first page to the last one that concludes the story, there are profound symbols which let the character grow. And my plan was to have the reader experience it in the same pace. Being able to see only single chapters of a story like this is like getting introduced to a film one minute at a time. It can be detrimental to the understanding of the purpose of a story. 

2) Something I haven't shared with everyone yet is the great team I had to help me make Haunter of Dreams happen. My dear friend Khaki, for instance, whom I now happily call my co-author for Haunter of Dreams, has put a lot of thought and depth into the growth of the character together with me. And the way how we all feel about the project and how it made us all grow together as friends, partners and a wonderful team of insightful people, wouldn't come across in single pages. 

3) Haunter of Dreams is a story to be felt as well as to be seen. Since it has no written sound nor dialogue, the story lets the reader form their own interpretation. We want it to be an experience as well as a story to be enjoyed. It's not about an artistic experiment to show solely pretty pictures, which is why everything flows from one panel to another. The story lives by its pace and flow.

4) Another reason is my feeling towards the community which has formed around the stories of Yria. The supporters of my first campaign who pledged on the idea of Haunter of Dreams when it was thought to be just a tiny side story consisting of 30 pages, as well as the supporters who are currently helping to get the story printed as a book right now, should see the story foremost. 

Haunter of Dreams was a creative endeavour, not a financial one, and the decision to change the way it’s released to the public is a creative one too. I feel the new approach best respects the story I love so much, the people who helped create it and, above all else, the audience we created it for. 

The love I have for the comics is the love I have for everyone who enjoys them. And I really can't thank you enough for letting me do these explorations in art as well as supporting me. Throughout the past four years, the supporters of Myre and everyone following my art have been the most patient, the most supportive and most understanding groups of people who have been with me on the same road from the first scribble to full blown graphic novels. 

The most pressing reason, however, is the state of my mental and physical health. 

As a full-time artist, I have developed routines that allows me to produce art of high quality and with regularity, balancing that with exercise and sports, walks to connect myself with the nature I so love to paint, and maintain the collaborations, correspondences and relationships with fellow artists, mentors, family and fans, who mean the world to me. These healthy habits have helped me grow shoulders broad enough to carry a heavy workload, but the massive logistical pressures and production stresses have, I’m sad to say, overwhelmed me.

Trying my best to make the vistas of HoD available for everyone to enjoy, I ran myself down with completing the comic, opening my first Patreon, and then the rigorous work of making the pages available on 8 platforms, formatting them to different specifications, writing posts explaining my deeper thoughts to each page, linking to all hundred pages that I somehow managed to run simultaneously and drowning you as well as myself in piled-up information. 

I want to let you know that each single comment you gave me on the pages so far really let me tear up. Comments of deeper thoughts, of inspiring others to make their own stories or continuing to better their lives and more. I can't render into words the immense gratefulness towards your support! 

The decision was very difficult. But it made me instantly drop big weights off my shoulders. It halted the vortex of thoughts, I can eat again, I can begin to recuperate and return to focus on art again. 

Haunter of dreams is complete. It's ready to be printed as a book. I have, aside from writing the afterword and adding the extra art to Myre and Haunter of Dreams to make the books ready for print, all the time to create more art to share.

What will happen now?

  • I will continue releasing pages on Patreon, since people who have backed me there so far, were promised to read the pages online and contribute to the continuation of projects like HoD.  
  • I will still share my thoughts on the pages and the story, but without the pressure of a weekly schedule.
  • I will publicly post snippets of selected pages to give you a bit of insight, much like "Hello Dreamer" and "Fluid Nightmare". Each panel works as single art statement. (To give you some insight, a page of HoD is about 10k pixels in width, so I have no problems with higher resolution shots and make them work as singles!)
  • The printing of the story and return of Myre vol 1 will happen shortly after my campaign ended, which will be within the next three to four weeks. All names from previous backers as well as new backers of the campaign will be added inside the books. Immediately after the campaign closed and all names were added, the pages are ready to be set, colour managed and finalised for print.
  • Haunter of Dreams is also available in PDF format in my campaign, and will remain as and offer through my store later. That is, if you wish to read the story without any interruption in digital format.

I will update you here on a regular basis regarding the print, your perks and the upcoming pages of HoD. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, please let me know. 

If you like to obtain a copy for yourself, you can do this either through backing my Indiegogo campaign:

or my official Yria webstore which allows for more payment options:…

My biggest wish is to let you delve into the works that make me disappear from the surface of the world for so long, to carry you away from daily struggles and to inspire. The tiny side story of a little boy stumbling through a dream turned into a huge project and let me grow as an artist as well as a person and opened me up for more possibilities to come. Thank you for making this possible.

Thank you for understanding. 

Much love!

I received some comments that some of you avoid looking at the pages of Haunter of Dreams because they would rather enjoy the full story in book format. I haven't realised that some may not enjoy the story as much in digital form maybe as books are always an entirely different medium.
Since I want to engage with my followers as much as possible and address such things, what approach would be best to handle the postings of Haunter of Dreams? We're soon approaching large double spread pages that often have panels flow into one another and are a bit tricky to crop.
I have planned for a website where I will post the pages on a weekly basis, too.

Would you more enjoy snippets/panel crops of the pages, rather than seeing the full pages as a whole and then decide whether or not to check them out on my website, Patreon, Tapas or the book itself?
Or shall I continue posting the entire pages here in my gallery?

Another thought I had regarding this is: I got a whole bunch of single artworks for Myre and the commission perks from my current Indiegogo campaign lined up to post soon. They will eventually break up the current flow of HoD pages in my gallery.
I'm curious to hear your thoughts on that.

Haunter of Dreams and the reprint of Myre reached 60% of its funding through Indiegogo and thanks to the quick decision I made to offer the perks through my website as well! Many of the commission perks taken by now. I can't wait to get to work on those. :)
I received many questions whether or not the books will be available at Eurofurence this year. It's important to note that I will do my very best to have them available at the convention!

However, this campaign is for the funding of the print. The main goal amount was calculated to cover the print (yes, it's that expensive to produce!) and to cover the shipping cost. If you decide to pledge on any of the perks yet you want to pick it up at Eurofurence, you can message me through Indiegogo or my website checkout message. The hardcover book of HoD is currently offered as early bird special for 25€ without shipping. Once the book is printed and becomes available through my store and conventions, it will be pricier. The same applies for the re-print of Myre vol 1.

Can we make it happen? Thanks to your immense support, totally!
I can't thank you enough for your trust and patience, and for letting me take upon these big projects. It means the world to me.

If you have questions or suggestions, let me know! :)

Indiegogo campaign:
Preorder via PayPal :…

For PayPal option, I have all the perks in my official webstore too! Yria Chronicles Store

Finally! For the past three weeks, I've been working on this crowdfunding project that leads towards realising a big dream! Finally, everything is ready and launched! :D
This campaign also features the second print run of Myre volume 1 too. Take your time and browse through the perks. Maybe you will find something of your liking. :)

Thank you SO much for your support!<3<3<3

Next week on Monday, I'm going to release the pre-launch page of my next Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! You will be able to sign up with your e-mail address and get notified as soon as the campaign launches. I got some interesting perks for my campaign, including rare limited commissions, sculptures and your name in the book. A lot of time and work went into this and I'm happy to announce that this project is almost ready for print! The print company has been contacted as well, and they responded back to me already, feeling very excited about Myre and Haunter of Dreams. :)

The first part of HELLIcopter ComicTalk Spezial is on YouTube and can be watched here:…

I will be in Wolfsburg for a book-/sketch-session tomorrow to contribute to the annual Gratis Comic Tag. If you happen to be there, you can find me at Thalia!

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone. Stay creative and happy.
A new Haunter of Dreams page will be posted this evening.

For a more detailed information sheet regarding my plans and campaigns, check this link:

Now that HoD is settled and almost ready for print, I'm planning for the setup to get Haunter of Dreams printed with the help of a crowdfunding campaign! Since the project grew exponentially from its initially planned 35 pages to 80 pages and took me longer than expected, I will run a crowdfunding campaign to get the funds for the print release. Since I will also offer a re-print of Myre 1 along with HoD, there will be some good deals to grab either one or both books!

Myre 1 will be slightly remastered. It will include some more extra pages, extra texts and bumped up colours. I received some critique on the last print run that Myre turned out slightly too dark. Though it wasn't a big problem, I think it will be a good way for me to learn more regarding print processing.
For those who have Myre, you know it's a fairly tall book! Haunter of Dreams will come in the same format to keep the space on your shelf neat. :)

I struggled with my decision whether to have it run on Kickstarter or Indiegogo at first. Though feeling more close to Indiegogo, I decided to have the campaign there. It's like going back to the roots where my journey on Yria has started. Indiegogo's platform is also more user friendly and comes with a better correspondence/messaging system than Kickstarter. That way, I can connect with you better!

I saw a couple of people updating their addresses on Indiegogo already. That's good! Keep at it!

Regarding perks for my next campaign, I will keep it simple and fresh. However, if you have any ideas on what you'd like to see or expect, let me know!

I wish you a brilliant weekend and lots of sunshine. :)

For a more detailed information sheet regarding my plans and campaigns, check this link: My gallery will become very colourful, very soonHappy New Year, everyone!
As you know, by the sporadic teasing for my newest graphic novel project, "Lores of Yria - The Haunter of Dreams", I am currently very close to completion and already began the editing on the first pages! This is really exciting for me because Hod turned into a bigger project, much from what I have expected at the beginning.
Since HoD is planned to be an online release in my galleries as well as a printed book, there will be plenty of possibilities for you to experience the story.
For the realisation of this endeavour, I have a couple of plans which are explained below:
For the past two years (I still can't believe where time went since the release of Myre!) , I have solely worked on the realisation of Haunter of Dreams. Because of its immense workload and the many interruptions I had due to the media becoming more curious about my worldbuilding and Myre, I had to keep a very tig

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you know, by the sporadic teasing for my newest graphic novel project, "Lores of Yria - The Haunter of Dreams", I am currently very close to completion and already began the editing on the first pages! This is really exciting for me because Hod turned into a bigger project, much from what I have expected at the beginning.
Since HoD is planned to be an online release in my galleries as well as a printed book, there will be plenty of possibilities for you to experience the story.
For the realisation of this endeavour, I have a couple of plans which are explained below:

For the past two years (I still can't believe where time went since the release of Myre!) , I have solely worked on the realisation of Haunter of Dreams. Because of its immense workload and the many interruptions I had due to the media becoming more curious about my worldbuilding and Myre, I had to keep a very tight eye on my finances, for that there was no chance for me to take on commissions that would balance out the cost for this graphic novel project's print release. For this reason, and for the bigger reason of offering more things, I have planned for opening up a Patreon by the end of January.

Inbetween the release of HoD, I have planned for a simple Kickstarter campaign to cover the print cost for Hod as well as the remastered reprint of Myre Vol 1.

If you decide to become a supporter on Patreon:

- You will be a part of my ongoing projects and get regular updates, including works and progress images, those which would never get uploaded.
- With Patreon, you also get to see the pages of my comics before they get released online and in print format.
- I will constantly improve and renew the things I offer on Patreon, such as Discord communities and art mentoring for students, in the future.
- You will learn more about my headworlds and how I approach the making of graphic novel projects as well as world building.
- And more...but I'll keep it simple. :)

Kickstarter - If you decide to become a supporter for the coverage of the print for HoD and the reprint of Myre Vol 1:

- A big discount on the books and shipping coverage
- A full PDF version
- Limited tiers
Note: My Kickstarter campaign is planned for the time during the weekly online release.

Since my very first campaign for MYRE vol 1 on Indiegogo, I have learned how to handle big projects even better. Prices for tiers and rewards will become more affordable and in reach. I will also do my very best to deliver everything in a good timely manner and keep things simpler and fair.

IMPORTANT: Supporters of my original campaign (INDIEGOGO) of MYRE, including the pledge on HoD!

Back when I started working on Myre, I underestimated the intensity and time such projects would take. I hope you can understand that Myre was my debut in the comic world and that I have learned now how to estimate time and management better. HoD, however, was one such project which I completely underestimated. Since I always want to make my projects worth the wait, I never wanted to rush through it. HoD was the biggest challenge so far in terms of artistic growth and time management.

Those who have pledged on the tier "Haunter of Dreams" and higher, are automatically included in the tiers for Patreon and Kickstarter revolving around HoD and the making of it. You will also receive the PDF of the 'remastered' version of Myre Vol 1. The remaster includes a minor change in the storytelling by added speech. Also some bug fixes. But nothing big has changed, the story flow and the look is still the same, so don't worry too much. :)
In order to deliver you these things when the time comes around, please login to your Indiegogo account and check for your current e-mail address. Change it if needed. Please also change your shipping address if needed.

I value your immense patience and the chance you gave me to make Myre and HoD happen. I haven't forgotten about you and I won't stop until all of you hold their pledges in your hands.

By autumn 2019:
This will be the onset of my work on MYRE Vol 2 - the Lore of the Dwellers!

With my plan spread out for you, I will mention again that my gallery will become unusually colourful as we step into the dream of a small Yrian very soon... :)
2019 is going to be *packed* with work but I made it once, and I will do it again. With your support, I can focus entirely on the creation of these worlds so that you can enjoy the fruits of my imagination. Sounds a bit awkward, but I don't know how to say it any better. :)
When everything is set up and ready, I will update you with links and information in my gallery and journals.

I hope you had a great start into a new, brilliant year. I'm sending my best wishes for success and happiness out to you!
Hello, everyone!

It's been a while again since I made my last journal update. Again, the last couple of months have been really crazy and packed with lots of work. I went to ComicCon Berlin in October where I had my own table as well as "outposts" distributing the German version of Myre, as well as book-signings. I met many very interesting people, some Disney artists, directors of Netflix, bibliophilic fans who never heard of the Furry Fandom before but now made their way into exploring all the goodies they can find here. It was a thoroughly great experience. Since I kept the number of conventions for this year low, I expected myself to make the last sprint with HoD and complete it by the end of 2018 hooked behind my desk and not going outside for as long as it would take me. :)

Not expecting to have anything major happen for the rest of the year, I received an invitation from CCG Dortmund, who expect to see me this Saturday. Reason for this is that I got double nominated for the Rudolph Dirks Award 2018 with "MYRE" in the category "Fantasy" and myself as "Best art in Germany"!
I still can't believe that my work would ever get nominated for awards! Even if I don't win an award, it means the world to me to be part of such an event and to see my name among such great submissions.
You can get more information about the RDA2018 here:

I am truly honoured. <3 Also, I'm super hyped for finally getting to work on MYRE Vol 2 after HoD made its way to the public! :)
Thank you so much for believing in me and for the great support throughout the years. These projects take time and one of the sacrifices I made with these is being around less. And yet, you never left my side! Thanks a lot for sticking around with me. :)

Also, I still can't believe this month. So many things have happened and will happen still. One of the things is that my old computer finally gave up which meant that I had to organise a complete new setup. Luckily, I got slowed down just a little bit. I continued working on HoD on another PC while my partner built and set up my new workspace.  I'm that crazy about my work-flow.
So, I'm currently just 9 pages away from completing HoD I don't know how long this will take for me because the pages are very dense and complicated. It's still hard to believe seeing another big Yria project coming to an end. And I can't wait to let you be a part in it soon. :D
Before the release of the pages online, I will give you an opportunity to get early access to them plus insights with my Patreon soon. HoD will also get printed, for which I'm planning to run a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Of course, all founders of my original MYRE campaign back in 2014 will receive their tiers and won't have to miss out on anything. You're still in my mind, and i have things planned for you. ;)

It's all coming in the near future, and I'm working really hard to get the ball rolling.

MYRE is currently sold out in my store. If you plan to get your copy in the near future, please enter your e-mail address below the hardcover item to get notified as soon as Myre is back in stock.

Since Christmas is on its way, I will offer print bundles of Myre and my other artwork very soon. Stay tuned!
I wish you a lovely weekend.

Even though I'm not posting much for being deeply focused on my comic project, I do tend to come here and browse art to enjoy and keep up to date with everyone's creative flow.
I do enjoy to browse the several front pages such as the popular sections of DA to find more artists and things that interest me. However, with every second scroll, there is either a highly explicit fetish picture or highly explicit (mostly badly executed) photography of a naked woman. I wrote a similar journal not too long ago but it's really taking over now.

DA's main face, the first pages that everyone is going to see when entering the community, is turning into a porn hub. I truly have no problem with nudity or depictions of harmless fetish fantasies. But I can now choose between several photos of women spreading their legs, close up pictures of scrotums, inflated women filling up rooms and squeezing their partners against the wall, row after row of scrolling. Sometimes, inbetween the fleshy circlejerk, there is a tremendously wonderful painting by someone who dedicates their love for sharing their imagination.
Seeing beautifully and masterfully executed paintings wedged inbetween thighs and scrotums can sour my mood.

Please, DA, isn't there a way to at least put a banner on top of explicit pictures that just flag it with a dark image saying "Mature Content"? Everyone can have a choice to see it or not. And actually wholesome creations would stand out in the ocean of wiggly legs and bleached anuses.

Thank you for your consideration.

I apologise for my absence and want to let you know that I'm doing well. I'm making good progress with Haunter of Dreams and aim for its completion by the end of this year.
Very soon, I would love to offer you a plattform on Patreon where I can share more art with you, behind the scenes from storyboards to completed image, and first releases of comic pages before they make it online. Being a full time comic artist can be a very lonely and modest type of job. Getting your support will help me a lot to continue creating stories and coming up with new ideas on how to support this community.

But before I do that, I will have to prepare everything for it. As always, I am still around and checking on comments and indulge in artwork. I hope you're doing well and that you're looking forward to the weekend. :)

Many lovely regards,

Hi everyone!

I've dug myself under for a while to make as much progress as possible on Haunter of Dreams. In the meantime, many things came between me and my project. Myre is plowing her way through Germany, soon Europe, and by tomorrow noon, I will be at Comic Salon Erlangen for book-signings and presentations! If you happen to be around there, I'd love to meet you! Among several book signing appointments, I will hold a long presentation about Myre, character design and plottings comics. I also got the honour to be invited for The ComicTalk with Hella von Sinnen, who has been on television and stage as a comedian ever since I can remember. All of that is happening tomorrow and over the next four days. Basically, I'm going from comic-caveman-mode into full life, which leaves me both nervous but excited! I hope that there will be plenty of photos which I can share over on Twitter and Instagram then.

But anyway, to everyone who is interested in any type of presentation about character design and comics, I'm planning on holding one at Eurofurence this year, too! Wish me luck that I will get a SIG spot there. If not, I will plan around that and let you know about possible ideas on a meetup with me. :)

Haunter of Dreams:
I have 30 pages left to do for the comic to be complete! Even though it's one of my most complex creations thus far, I'm adamant to complete the graphic novel this year. After Erlangen, things should be running smoothly for me again. Inbetween everything happening around Myre, I underwent a big surgery from which I'm still healing, and my computer decided to die on me also. Luckily, living together with tech guys, I was able to get my work station running again. I do hope that my PC will survive Haunter of Dreams. After that, I shall wave it good bye and set up for Myre 2. :)
Wish me luck that my road to the completion of HoD will be smoother from now. I'm looking forward to what is to come, and I'm happy that I can take you along with me.

That being said, have a lovely day! And stay out of that sun! It wants to bake you!
Hope to see you in Erlangen! :blowkiss:

Official Myre website and shop:
Reviews on Myre - Chronicles of Yria (in German):………………

COMIXENE issue 127 interview (in German, available through the magazine)

Hi everyone!
To anyone who has sent me notes a (long) while ago, I'm really sorry that I haven't gotten back to you so far. I really would love to get back to every single one of you every time I receive a note. Since I've been doing nothign else but working on my large comic projects for the past three years, still ongoing, I barely have time to open private messages. The thing is that, as soon as I open a DM, I feel obligated to respond immediately. It's always been a little sacred thing for me to take the time and respond to DMs thoroughly, since you've taken the time yourself to send me one in the first place.
Thank you so much for all of your patience with me. I've been in a caveman mode for many months, working on Haunter of Dreams and completing as many pages as I can before I release the comic in online format.
If you desire more sneak peeks regarding my artwork, please follow me on Twitter or Instagram via the links below:…

Have a great week! :)
Also! Thank you SO much for giving me a Daily Deviation feature on one of my Myre pages! That truly means the world to me. :blowkiss:

MYRE - An Encounter by AlectorFencer

I'm not sure if this discussion already exists but my thoughts sometimes twirl into places where questions regarding art and life pop up.
Is the digital medium an ecologically sustainable way of creating art?
The thought derived from the usage of paper and art material as a traditional artist. However, hardware that is needed to produce digital art with undergoes several production steps that also have an impact on the environment.
What are your thoughts and ideas?

You can reserve your copy by simply following the link to my shop: and go through the checkout process. Choose "Local Pick Up" as shipping method in the checkout process. The shop won't charge you anything but I will have you in my order list, which is free of hassles and disorganisation. At my table at EF, you can choose to pay either in cash or via debit/credit card. Of course, you can also buy copies of "Myre" directly without preordering it at my table.

Why preorder?
If you preorder your copy today, I will have more time to sign the book for you, wrap it up and add a little extra! Only preorders get that little extra too.
If you have a special request, like a dedication, you can also add this in the checkout comment/note section. Please don't forget to add your badge name with the order so I know whom to give the copies to!

Preorders will be closed on Monday evening as I will be arriving at the con-site the day after.

If you don't feel interested in getting a copy of Myre, you can check out my table for various art prints. My fellow artsy neighbours have amazing stuff too, so check their stuff out as well. :)
It's VERY unlikely that I will take sketch commissions this year, but I might decide for commissions spontaneously on site.

I can't wait to see all of you (again)!
To all of you traveling a long way up or down to Berlin, have a good and safe journey.
See you soon! :)

It's currently going on at my FaceBook page. Come join! :)…

I want to share some love and thank you for all the support you've given me on making Myre and the follow up projects happen. Good luck! <3

FREE GIVEAWAY of a handsigned hardcover copy of "Myre - Chronicles of Yria" Raffle, - Rules are in the image in my facebook post! My first part of a large fantasy graphic novel epic series. Printed on 172 pages, packed with story and art that will lead you into the world of Yria.
MYRE is finally open for orders! by AlectorFencer

As the title says, I want to have a core membership again but I can't because PayPal states that rebilling isn't allowed in my country. It's really strange because I have other subscriptions that get billed through PayPal every month or year as well. Does anyone else have the same issue? How did you solve it? I already tried to gift myself a membership with points but DA won't let me. :XD:
Why can't you gift yourself a membership? I don't understand that either. Aren't we allowed to make little gifts to ourselves every now and then? :P
Anyway, please let me know how I can solve this problem if you have an idea.
I don't have a credit card myself.

Lovely regards!

I have received so many wonderful comments and personal e-mails from readers who received Myre. Every single one delights my heart and encourages me so much to keep going, no matter how challenging and time consuming such a project can be. After two years of nonstop work at my lonesome desk, receiving those encouraging words by happy or curious readers gave me so much more strength and inspiration. I will definitely not let you down. :)
And now, thoughts and opinions can be made public and collective at the GoodReads platform. Ratings and comments support the project further. Even if you feel like opening up for discussions and critique, you can do so there.

Those who read the pilot of the series and want to share their thoughts and opinion can do so now on GoodReads. If you have the time and want to support Myre further, please don't hesitate to share your opinion. Here is the link:…

Thank you so much for the love and support!
Back to the drawing desk! :D

...Haunter of Dreams just around the corner!

About a month ago when I made the last update, the first big batches of Myre went out to the founders and orders from my store. Not too long after, I received tons of messages with pictures of copies arriving and messages with immensely great feedback regarding the art and story. Thank you all for the wonderful support and for letting me know when your copy arrived. For everyone who is still considering getting a copy for themselves, I ship every week around the same time. Sometimes, I hit the post office more often to make sure your order arrives quickly. :)
You can still acquire your own copy at: - If you'd like to have your copy signed for yourself or someone else, drop me a message in the check out process!

Thank you for all the great feedback and critique on the story and art! I'm really happy that you enjoy the first volume of Myre and thank you for the patience for the continuation of the epic! :)

Now that I've gotten a good portion of rest, I'm happy to announce that I will begin working on the storyboard for the spinoff comic, "Haunter of Dreams" next Monday! Just in time for Easter, in a very coincidental manner, I'm beginning to make concepts of our little bunny main character. :) Everyone who supported my crowdfunding campaign of Myre and HoD will get to see the completed pages first. I have received numerous questions regarding opening a Patreon where I could provide supporters with the making of scenes, concepts and pages. All I can say is that I'm not entirely sure whether or not a Patreon would be the right thing for me to do. As usual, I tend to take a lot of time for a page so that I can fully focus on the story's full potential in detailing and narrative. I'm very happy about the great patience everyone brought forward during the making of Myre. Letting people wait long stretches of time isn't what I like to do. And rushing artwork is something I wouldn't even want to consider. What are your thoughts on that? Let me know in the comments below. :)

Since quite a few people learned about a certain dynamics between Myre and Varug, I also wanted to ask if you were interested seeing a couple more strips between the two. I currently planned for two more and would like to continue coming up with a few more strips inbetween bigger projects.  Those would explain their quirky but friendly relationship to each other and hopefully put a smile on your faces. :)
For the fans of Lutz, I might as well try and come up with a couple of strips of him around. xD

That's it for now! Ask me any questions if you have some, and I'll see you around! :)
Or send me an e-mail to: alectorfencer[at] or drop me a question on Twitter:

Much love!


Finally, after battling with the printers who are responsible for the collectible cards and extra perks for my campaign founders, they finally got fire under their butts and promised to deliver the prints within the next three days. I've received the proof prints today and they're looking *good*! :)
Today, we shipped off the first 148 books! There are a whole lot more coming really soon. What is it like to ship off several hundred of books? Literally a ton of work! ;D
In a way though, sticking all address labels and stamping the post marks together with my amazingly helpful friends is really relaxing and always opens up for fun chatters. I'm so happy to have them.
Once the biggest loads of all Indiegogo perks and the shop orders were shipped, I can manage to handle everything on my own again. The logistics behind Myre is going really well! I'm feeling like running a mini-factory here. Soon, you will all have your books!

You're totally amazing! I still can't believe the reception of this project. I will definitely keep it running.
Sometime earlier this week, I told everyone that I might close the shop to get some free time, but then thought it unneccessary. The shop will stay open and you can always order your copy whenever you please. In case you don't know the address, you can order Myre here:

By the end of next week, I planned to have all perks and shop orders shipped out.
Indiegogo campaign founders will have their books shipped throughout this week and early next week.

While you're reading the first volume of Myre, I will be already buzzing around my second graphic novel project, the mini side story "Haunter of Dreams" which plays in the same universe of Yria!
Thank you all again for all the patience, trust, support and love!

Have any questions? Send me an e-mail to: or drop me a question on Twitter:
I check it more regularly than my notes here. Those ways are therefore more reliable. Thank you for understanding and see you around! :) <3

- Alector
This is normally something I would keep in my personal thoughts because I love this page and this community for it has always been around me and helped me come to where I am now. But I've been somewhat oblivious to the changes due to my graphic novel project and my absence.

Whenever I stumble across the front pages of DeviantArt, I'm being slammed in the face by pictures that have a quality of MySpace selfies and free porn websites and sometimes stolen artwork squeezed inbetween all of that mess. Deviants' usage behaviour seemed to have changed as well in a way. The page, to me, appear desolate or ebbing off.
I remember the time when I took a glimpse on DA's browsing pages and saw amazing pieces of artwork battling themselves across the rankings on the site. It was an astonishing conglomerate of highly inspiring and vastly coloured original art. And this isn't only the popular section I am talking about here now. I mean everything from forums to newly submitted works too. People who looked upon the pictures seemed to invest more time and dedication to the pieces as well. The page was sparking with life! It has a momentum that was remarkable for this page and I felt proud and happy to have been a part of it all.

Now my question here is, since I don't want to judge any of the people who upload certain images, if I am wrong about this. How do you feel? Has the quality of the page changed or has it even become too cumbersome for users? Has DeviantArt changed in a way that makes people go somewhere else or has the interest in art shifted? Naturally, things trend and come to an end sometimes. And many people rely on quicker and easier to access ways for social communication and art sharing.

It's difficult to open up for such a dialogue without appearing judgmental.
I personally feel happy about being here and seeing you around, commenting on my pictures and giving me so much joy and courage to keep on going. I will also continue sharing my art with you here and so should you to keep this page alive and going, should my concerns be of some truth.

Anyway, stay awesome and be creative! :)
It must seem surreal that I suddenly pop up to announce that Myre is finally ready for print! :D

I'm trying to keep this as concise as possible so you won't be overhelmed with a massive amount of text. During all the time I've been gone, inbetween the scarce updates I made here, I've been working fully and tirelessly on the graphic novel. The making of the book has been a journey in itself. Since I decided to go the path of self publishing, I had to face everything that this process encompasses. Not only is this the very first graphic novel I completed, it's also the very first proper book product that I will bring out to you. And, at last, I can give you more information on what the first volume of Myre will look like.
Right after I completed the very last page inside the book, I had the chance to work together with my amazing and dedicated beta-readers who focused on pointing out continuity bloopers and helped refine the legibility and style of the fonts for speech and onomatopoeia. Sometimes, by own personal choice, I discarded whole colour concepts or entire pages to replace them with some that match the flow and story better than their previous ones. The steps I took after finalising the page art took me another three weeks to pound through. After I was given green light on the art and font editing process, I sat down to work on the front cover. Right after I completed the front picture for the cover, I called my friend, CruzRobin, to come over to my place to finalise all files for print. I wanted to make sure that I have someone else who will help with with the prepress and the colour checkup to make sure everything fits and sits perfectly. Both of us have been working through the week, every day until early in the mornings, until we came to the conclusion that everything gets green light for the print production. In spite the amount of work, I never lost my joy of making this project happen.
Today, I was given notice by the printer along with their quote, which I accepted!
I was in touch with the printer to get some more of my questions answered today as well. I requested a press proof date for which I want to be around to check on quality and colour for the final print production. The press proof will take place sometime around December. We're expecting one to two weeks from now. The print company is currently running wild due to Christmas business. They said that Myre " an incredible book for which we want to dedicate more time! We absolutely don't want to rush that!". So after I checked on the proof print in the following next weeks and got green light, the print production will take place.

Since it's such a large run of two different book types (Hardcover and Softcover), offset print and stitched binding instead of glueing, the production will go into January. The stitching progress for the run of both products can take up to two weeks. Myre won't make it under the Christmas tree, unfortunately, but this production is going to be hand tailored to ensure the best stability that will last for a very long time. I presume that shipping will take place around the end of January but I will be able to make a full update on the proper date when the production is running. I'm really happy that they want to take their time and focus on making the books and they don't want to rush Myre. They're looking forward to the project itself and sounded really excited about Myre as well, which is something that makes me even happier. It builds a connection and trust between me and the people who will turn Myre into a book.

As for the print products themselves, I decided to go for a large custom format of 33 x 21 cm (13 x 8 inch), 172 pages, full bleed offset with a matte finish. I didn't realise how large the book will be in its physical form until I held something else of similar format in my hands. Needless to say that I'm now rather overwhelmed and even more excited! Prepare for a large book series! :)

As you know by now, Myre - Chronicles of Yria is going to be a long series of which the first book marks its pilot. The story and its events for the following episodes have already been written. This part is something that has been worked on inbetween the making of the pilot graphic novel. This ensures a seamless transition from project to project for myself.
Never did I believe that one day, I will make this very announcement. Hard work, passion and dedication can make dreams come true. Never give up on them and always believe in yourself!
I'm really looking forward to sharing the story with you soon!
Thank you so much for the support throughout the years. You are some incredible people!

I will keep you updated about the print progress around here and on my social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm still very busy at the moment but I will make sure to read all comments and respond to all of your questions.
To make things easier for you, here are some FAQs regarding Myre:

Q: When and where can I purchase a copy?
A: Myre is in queue for the print production. The book is expected to be released by mid- January in 2017. I will open for orders as soon as copies have been shipped to my Indiegogo campaign supporters.
As soon as I open for online orders, I will provide you with a link to my online store.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: I certainly ship worldwide! There is nothing that will hold me off from delivering the lores of Yria to your front door. :)

Q: How much will a book be?
A: I haven't yet estimated the final price for a copy of "Myre" but I will make sure to update you on that as soon as I open for (pre-) orders!

Q: How do you even pronounce "Myre"?
A: The Yrian language pronunciation is a blend between German and English. Phonetically, Myre is being pronounced [ Mɥː ɹ 'ə ] (English: "Meer-uh")

That's it for now! :D
See you soon!