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Winter Begone

Winter begone.
Let the flowers in the deep vast forest awake again
and bloom over the land.

Yay for being burnt out...I don't even know how to describe this picture.

Anyway, I'm really happy how this picture turned out in the end. It was sometimes a real struggle but I got there eventually. You might have noticed big changes in the background and colour scheme.

I spent most of the time thinking where to set the next brush stroke and especially thinking of which brushes to use. After browsing my PS brushes and brain, I finally came up with the WIP, which I showed to you already: [link]

The face has changed from the original sketch too because painting fur really didn't work on the base of the sketch: [link]

In the end, I struggled mostly with the background because the colour scheme didn't co-operate with the orginal sketch (trees and mountains), so I changed it after three freaking outs and one banging-the-head-on-the-table.

I will post a walkthrough of this as soon as possible. :D

Thanks a lot for looking! :iconlovegreenplz:

Photoshop: 30 hours


The Plant Spirit is Copyright to Claudya Schmidt aka AlectorFencer. Please do not alter, copy or redistribute!
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When I saw your actual last name was Schmidt I was like "Wait...

I know another artist with the same last name" what a coincidence!
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This is one of the most beautiful things that I have seen. I love how to leaves grow over the head of the wolf. Beautiful colors and just a stunning piece. 
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This is amazing artwork!
I like it how the paws become roots and how the leaves become snow. Love this picture!

I read that this picture is not for use without permission - may I use it for an RPG character (spirit of woods) and set a link to you?

Like I said before: This picture is just amazing! Love it <3
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This is stunning!
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i absolutely love this, never seen anything like it !!
the way background is so soft and coolingly calm, it reminds me of Lawren Harris's style of painting icebergs (Harris is one of my favorite artists)
...the wolf design blending with the forest floor is beyond divine
...the colors here are my favorite mix
..i would really like to have this on my wall at the office, the whole wall,
... as in at least 8'x10'
Purple Flower pullmonaria Purple Flower moonflower pullmonaria 
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It's just ... just too great for words.
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Wow, where do you get your ideas?
ixtabay's avatar
What beautiful work'm your fan, loved and let me take to Favorites please keep creating these beautiful pictures and be sure to share. you are a great artist.
Dark6Caskerd's avatar
absolutely glorious.
Ryaye's avatar
it is beautiful. beautiful!
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Could be a Magic the Gathering card from the early Versions :D Frostsnap/Iceage ^^
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you're amazing:D
MariaMjolnir's avatar
Fantastic work *____________*
ManiacalFreak's avatar
Wow! You did a spectacular job on this! This is beautiful! :heart:
I love how the wolf seems to be creeping out of the eaves, brilliantly done!
RiverStarMontenegro's avatar
Hes hiding from death...
TrottingPeryton's avatar
Looks like resurrection after being buried.
RiveCross's avatar
Amazing Job, I really like it
violettunami's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!
lightningGoddesLyris's avatar
this is one of my favorites from you. I actually just spent an hour trying to find it on Google.( Lolz) Then came to DA and found it instantly. I am planning on making a fully functional quadrupedal suit of this spirit. you inspired me...i hope you don't mind. :)
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