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Whenever I Close My Eyes

Whenever I close my eyes, I will see you.

This is the new and final version of my part of the trade I have with the lovely and talented :iconsaimain: featuring her character Faeren together with the Plant Spirit.

I'm sorry it took so long. I felt I wasn't ready to draw a picture like this so I wanted to wait a little bit until the time was right. And funnily enough, I finished it today, on Halloween.
My creative burstout came yesterday followed by the wish to take myself a lot of time for a drawing again and don't rush everything.
I tried to draw this picture twice. You can see the older versions here: [link] and [link]

Both versions didn't make me really happy so I simply started it again when I felt sure about it.
Again, I tested myself out by not using references and I was kind of shocked when I saw the older versions because this is one of the rare pictures and moments I really feel content about a drawing.

I hope we can share the same feelings about it.
Thanks so much for looking! <3

Here is the wonderful picture that Saimain did for me: [link]

The character Faeren belongs to Saimain and the Plant Spirit belongs to AlectorFencer.
Please do not copy, alter or redistribute.
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so beautifiul and sexy!!!!!

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Mesmerizing, I really have no words to describe how I love this!I am Love..Onion 
I wish this was a book. I'd totally love to know the story of these two. :)
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There are no words to express how wanderful this drawing is.
Fernandinholopes's avatar
adoro seu trabalho,sou seu fã
darknessofeve's avatar
nice ! love all the detail !
EbanezerNevermind's avatar
Beautiful line work. :)
Clare-Dragonfly's avatar
Wow, this is beautiful. It feels like there's a really powerful love story in here.
Marshoupial's avatar
Isztar89's avatar
OMG! It's amazing!
ShadowlightsEcho's avatar
What a beautiful talent you have ;)
agosuchan's avatar
another favorite - beautiful, perfectly detailed without losing the spirit of the piece....gorgeous
TheHollowOwl's avatar

My names Soma, i'm from Australia and i've been trying to find a design that i really like..
i love this illustration and want to simplify it so that it fits on my shoulder blade. I also want the wolf/spirt to look a little more like my puppy so that it signifys an invisible bond between my dog and i that i only can see.

I noticed the copy right comment, but would it be possible?

Could you email me on with your answer please.
RheJulMag's avatar
hauntingly beautiful...
MistyCate's avatar
Your plant spirit pieces are amazing
Emeraldtreefrog14's avatar
This is so so beautiful!!! Amazing
SpiritWildWolf's avatar
Just amazing and beautiful! I love the detail and depth in this piece :D
Shirubain's avatar
So beautiful! Amazing, amazing!
jinxfu's avatar
Wonderful drawing. Very intracate. I love how the girl is part of the earth.
DeMantle's avatar
"I am a part of you, as much as you are a part of me, both of us is from the ground and the great Life Tree. You humans have forgotten, that you are no more than creatures or heartbeats that is connected to mine and the sea. For I am speaking the truth, this world of black and white. I am myself as you are you're own, but we are connected to the ground and the great Life Tree"
Martin-Jimboy's avatar
Your work is beautiful! I love it!
mixzz's avatar
woow amazing work. love the style!
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