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When the Leaves Whisper

Always look around you and be quiet when they do. You might see something incredibly rare and special.

The autumn is getting way for the cold winter and the leaves fall a lot quicker than I can realise. This makes me wish to be back in summer in a revitalizing cool forest, being covered with a roof of leaves where the sun only sparely touches the ground.

This is a result of an art block, a picture which I painted on and off hence I don't know how long it took me except one week with long breaks inbetween. I thank you so much for your support and for your encouraging words.
The Plant Spirit is always a great self therapy after all.

I hope you like it. :)
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ich finde dieses Bild einfach fantastisch!
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Do you write stories? I'm writing a novel series with a similar theme to your art. I'd love to use a wolf like this if you are open to sharing that idea! The closest thing I have atm is a dragon covered in forest decoration junk lol
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As part of a Found Poetry: Titles as Art project brought to us by =SilverInkblot and found in our new group, #TheTitlePage, I have used the title of this lovely deviation in a poem here:

Treading the Horizon

Thank you so much!

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i absolutely love this, its so rich and vibrant, and i love the transformation of the leaves into the animal head! beautiful work :iconhellokittybounceplz:
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Amazing piece, I wish I could make a wallpaper out of it!
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hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind!
have a great day!
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amazing in every piece of this picture OAO
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Impressive... The colors, the mood, the whole setting, all those details just make me hush and stare.
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That's beautiful.
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i am in complete envy, so beautiful
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WEW, just wew. my first fav. :3
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this is stunning. beautiful.
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Someone attempted to steal this picture:


I think you should contact the admins.
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It's a good thing I only have to type to express myself.
This gorgeous painting had me all chalked up.
Not only is the plant spirit one of the most beautiful and inspiring characters I've ever seen, the way you depict "him"(?) in your drawings are breathtaking.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
-The end.
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It's so gorgeous indeed. Hw to do the fluorescent colour part of the leaves?
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you've been featured in my deviation's description, here: [link]

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You always got so many details in your pictures....It's wonderful! Keep it up!
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Strange and beautiful. :)
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I do like it, I like the end of the branch that seems to catch the light :D
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