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Vantage Point Walkthrough

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Just a little walkthrough of one of my recent paintings "Vantage Point"
Hope it's a little helpful ^-^

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Loveless-Yokai's avatar
It looks easy but is actually quite hard. This is helpful though and the end product is truly beautiful to behold.
Wylfen's avatar
It Looks so easy... And is so hard >.<
AbyssTheNightfury's avatar
you make it look so easy like
'you just have to make mountains n stuff'
i'm like
(but still, thank you)
TrinitySage's avatar
pinkiipon's avatar
>[]< Thank You
You are so nice !!
condemnApproval's avatar
Two questions... :3
The first, would that perhaps be Photoshop Elements 9? I've never met another artist who uses it and it would be great to know it's possible to create such beautiful works with it.
The second, what brushes do you usually work with? I never seem to be able to find good ones or make due with the ones I have.
Exodyus's avatar
This is amazingly fantastic. How exactly are you creating the depth of the mountains in panel 2-3. What brush?
It's mind-boggling.
Riicardo's avatar
This is inspirinfg, thank you so much
Phlar1245's avatar
Very nicely laid out. You didn't go into extreme detail on the tut, just the basic steps. I appreciate this. Thank you for your output!
I cannot express how much I love when you or any artist for that matter, shows the process....Gah...I just love it..
YaraFerreira's avatar
You have a great way to work your paintings...congratulations!
Miouwwww's avatar
Thanks for this :) *bookmarked*
InvaderLez's avatar
What brushes did you mainly use? :meow:
Rose-Leah's avatar
I love seeing processes. They're so helpful and you get to see all the different steps that went into the piece.
Ahmed7193's avatar
truly amazing.
Nayshou's avatar
one word: Waw
Dacha-thwei's avatar
This is so awesome! Great job on the details! :thumbsup:
this is amazing, how long have you been doing digital art? also did you do the lineart in photoshop? loved it btw
Unreal-Forever's avatar
OOOHHH!, For me this type of resource is great value. Knowing that come from you then its value is incalculable. Excellent contribution, and yes, this is me huge help. So now I'm creating a new folder to put my fav tutorials and materials specifically for this kind povienen from you.
Thank you very much.
EvanVolker's avatar
Totally appreciate this
Toxic-ZomWolf's avatar
sweet, i'm not good at drawing this stuff but I really want to!! This is extremely useful.
runnergirl's avatar
freaking epic. :+fav:
Ludjia's avatar
Do you use a seperate layer for the character or is it on the background layer?
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
Thank you. Its very helpful
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