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"Without the sand, a path cannot appear from it.
Don't search for your path.
Let it find you."

A colour/mood study of a sand storm & scenery within Myre Vol 2. I completed this painting more than a week ago and held back from posting it till now as it might resemble the mood of events in the world right now.
I dearly wish that everyone is safe and doing well.
All my love <3

Update on Myre 2: The storyboard is done! With 171 page of story, Myre Vol 2 is 11 pages longer than its precursor. And what an amazing story it is! Khaki and I are still honing out the dialogues to perfect the flow. And the storyboard is still subject to change with very minor twists. Just a few days from now, Myre's continuation of the story stands at 100% and I will get down to the "juice" of the process.
Myre Vol 2 will push me towards new challenges. Some sceneries are so rich, I will have to improve my skill to match my personal expectation to bring them all to live. Since I love big challenges, I am totally up for it - and I can't wait! :)

Stay safe!
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Love all of it!

Wow! This is incredibly atmospheric! 🙂
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Beautiful and cool! Nice work.

Crimson-Quill-086's avatar

Good grief, she's so battered. What the heck's she gone through after whatever the Dwellers have done?!

Beautiful scene!

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This is amazing!! Myre's facial expressions are so amazing I love them!! Good job!

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Wow! This is beautiful!

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well , now I gotta check out more of this story after seeing this piece.

Its like you could feel the wind blowing in the picture, awesome work!

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