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The Lifebringer

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The Lifebringer ~ He seldom rests his wings to bring life to the wounded lands of his world. Peaceful yet striving after places that he once knew.

For @estragonvel who generously pledged on one of the larger commission tiers of my Haunter of Dreams/Myre crowdfunding campaign. :)
Read more about this painting and some of my thought process here:…

Get your copy of Myre and Haunter of Dreams here:

Thank you so much for looking <3

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Many people see dragons just as mindless monsters, but some (like you, obviously) know it better: They are just like us.

Some are bad, many are good.

A few destroy, but many create.

The ones bring death...

but the others bring life...

(love the pic!)

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may I copy your picture (in future)? I'm gonna use it on YouTube. :D I like your picture :)

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This reminds me of Fantasia 2000. Really beautiful.
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Love this piece of art looks good
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can't go wrong with red green :D

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Oh this is so cool

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Awesome Artwork!
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Fantasia vibe !! Wonderfully done
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Is this creature connected to your wolf plant spirit?
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No, but if they were connected, they would be plant buddies. :)
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Amazing!!! Stunning!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
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Reminds me of Okami :3

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Amazing details!!
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This reminds me of that Fantasia 2000 animation
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This is amazing. I LOVE the detail. The plants growing out of the dragon spines, the birds for scale, as well as the mountains. EPIC!
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this reminds me of Home (and that is the greatest praise I can ever give)

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Thank you so much! :)
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Absolutely beautiful design, your colour use and technique is fantastic!
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Looks like a Consort to Ysera ^^ great work buddy ^^ favs!
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