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                                                                                                                                                               Celebrating Deviousness - August 2017 In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community
Introducing AlectorFencer
Hello, I’m Claudya Schmidt, known as AlectorFencer, or as many of my fellow artists and watchers call me, “Planty Wolf.” I’m a freelance and graphic novel artist living in the thriving city of Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a part of this amazing community for a staggering 12 years and have recently realised just how time can fly by.
When I joined DeviantArt, I was unaware of the impact that this community would have on my life a

I still can't believe it. :0
I was given the Deviousness Award a few days ago and I'm still struggling to find words to say thank you. So instead of writing a long journal entry, I decided to paint a thank you picture for all of you, the big DA community! The last picture I did of the Plant Spirit was not too long ago, and it was the first after many years that you got to see a glimpse of it once again. Today, also after many requests, I wanted to give you a new full piece of the spirit. :)
Thank you, thank you for being such a great community and for staying by my side, even though I've been absent working on my projects for so long.

With you, I want to share my experiences that I gained during the two years of pulling through my comic project, how to avoid artblocks, how to stay healthy and motivated as an artist. There are so many things to share, so many worlds to explore. And I'm hoping to be able to share everything with you in the future. :)

Very special thanks to:
:iconkovowolf: :iconmidnightexigent: :iconchutkat: :iconerikshoemaker: :iconrafellin: :iconrhyn-art: :iconsavagebinn: :icontamberella: :iconhellobaby: :iconsandara: and of course :iconmoonbeam13:
for all those mindblowingly beautiful and encouraging compliments. You have no idea how much I respect you and how some of you have been blowing my mind with your works for years. 

I'm looking forward to the future and to share more stories and art with all of you. Most of all, I want to engage with you more and be able to support my fellow artists too.
You're a great community, and the first that I stuck with. Heck, a big portion of my life I spent roaming around here and leaving footprints all over the place. :D
Love you all. Have a great day and stay artsy!
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Beautiful and Evocative :).

12/10 for such Timeless Perfection :D.

Thank You for Inspiring me to not give up ever ;).

Keep up the Perfect Effort and Perfect Artwork :).

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OMG THIS IS JUST SIMPLY BREATHTAKING. THUS IS BEAUTIFUL AND IT IS A MASTERPIECE!!!! please Don't stop creating incredible artwork like this ever! Please? 
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You deserve it, awesome art
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So majestic and remarkably detailed!
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I love your work so much.
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First of all: Congratulations!
This picture is quite lovely. I feel quite "directly looked at" by this spirit - and the whole atmosphere has something magical, and feels a bit like finding a clearing in a forest on a wonderful, sunny day.
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Thank you so much! :bow:
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another gorgeous work, and congrats once again on your award :)
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Definitiv verdient. Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)
Auf viele weitere Monate und Jahre voller Erfolg und schöner Kunst!
A great Marvel of Nature's Mysteries

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I'm so happy you started againt to draw Plant Spirit, and I hope you'll draw some others! :D
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Woha, congratulations! You really earned it!
May your plantspirit grow and seed inspiration in all of us, thank you for your gorgeous artworks and awesome personality!
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