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Seeking Advice

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Have you ever felt like having a burden to carry yet you don't know how to free yourself from it or seek for advice; the little light at the end of the tunnel?

When everything pushes you down, you look for a helping hand that comforts you.

Hope for the best.

The original will be at the Artshow at MMC 13

I feel very, very bitter about the scan result. I can't explain you what a damn odyssey I went through with my scanner. All of a sudden the preview popup won't show and I have no possibility to adjust important scanner options for darker scans. I probably scanned it 25 times until the result was a little better for me.

I just took the picture out of the scanner and it feels as warm as if it is a print freshly coming out of the printer. The whole scanning process and adjustments in Photoshop were such a severe pain in the ass that my nerves almost got me again.
This is now at least the closest version to the original.

Airbrushing is a hell of a lot fun and I want to get more chances to work with it. The brush couldn't do what the airbrush did with the background but there are still some slight textures which I kind of like.

Oh and yeah, I can't paint fur because I suck at it. Haha.

I'm now so frustrated that I will do some online shopping like prints and such...

Thanks so much for your support and for the look!
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MilkeehHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is absolutely phenomenal! It looks so smooth and lol <3
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BusterH0llandHobbyist Digital Artist
:O this is amazing 
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Firestar0406Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think the meaning is that the one who has destrouded is the one who will rebuild as in global warming
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Wow, this is so beautiful.
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GhostWolfHybridStudent Traditional Artist
aaw. and yeah... i'v felt that way.
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uber cools
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SkarothDraca13Hobbyist General Artist
I bow before the master.
I've been doing traditional artwork for nine years and even i would struggle to create something this beautiful. The textures and shading are phenomenal.
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Creative well drawn and pretty, I love how you did the face on this ^.^
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kylekennypiptweekStudent Traditional Artist
This is beautiful, unique, and fascinating...Well done...
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painfulroseHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow so beautiful !!!
Fusiltail's avatar
FusiltailHobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is beautiful!
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piratepressHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the image, quite powerful. and as for not knowing how to paint fur you did a great job of it.
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LeftDualityHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I used this art in my rpg forum... IYou can find it here: [link]

If you don't want to, I can just remove it- one word and I'll do it.

By the way- can I use there your arts? I love them so much...
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This is beautiful! The lighting from the plant really looks great reflected on the critter. And I love the steampunk-meets-nature aspect, very cool!
arethmatikalrhythms's avatar
I love the bicentennial/ steampunk theme to it :3
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erytheleHobbyist General Artist
I love your piece! Thanks for sharing it. I've featured you here: [link]
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Wow this is Beautifull. the she-wolf (guessing its a female) realy looks concentrated/tranced realy cool. /faved!
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SweetGirlCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
it's a cyborg????
it's just perfect!!!
amazing work!!!!
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PixelsnaxsHobbyist Digital Artist
EtherealWolf's avatar
Brilliant! :love:
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CPsketchingStudent Traditional Artist
This is amazing. The expression on the face of the wolf...
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Morfiya's avatar
MorfiyaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! You draw for desktop game "Magic: the Gathering"? It is pleasant to see your works on cards! *_*
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JT-JonesHobbyist Photographer
featured here: [link]

hope you like it =)
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