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As a follow up to my Texture Brushes as a thank You for the wonderful community full of creative and inspiring artists, I made these for you to have fun with! Those are currently my favourite brushes I work with, and they more or less happened in a same way how I usually create my art. It all starts with an idea and happens in a certain flow. :)

If you want to support me as a freelance artist and the brushes, a little chip in would help me a lot <3

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Find my texture brushes here:

Texture Brushes by AlectorFencer

Some brushes can be a pain in the bum to use especially because their texture and style is so distinctive that changing brushes whilst painting can turn into a negative part of creating an image for the starters among the digital artists.

So I tried to create brushes that are simple to use for shading, detailing, etc.

I hope you enjoy, my dears. :blowkiss:

:bulletorange: Important:

How to load brushes into your program:

- Select the brush tool or hit the key "B" to select the tool.

- Click next to the arrow of the shown brush on the upper tool bar to open the "Brush Preset Picker".

- click the small arrow on the right side next to where you see the pixel size.

- then select "Load Brushes" and choose the files.

- there you go! The brushes will be loaded underneath all your other brushes.

- enjoy!

P.S:: You don't need to but it would be lovely (and also because I'm so curious) if you could link me your works for which you used these brushes. :]

Please do not redistribute or sell these brushes. Thank you!

 In Quietness by AlectorFencer
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KingTiridatesStudent General Artist
I love your brushes, thank you so much for sharing them!
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Hello! I'm a student working on a Children's Book for my project. I was wondering if it's alright that if I use your brushes, I can still submit my book out to be [possibly] published?

Please let me know~thanks!
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PranavMHariHobbyist Digital Artist
Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! 
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Midnight-63Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been using your brushes for years and I thought it would be nice to let you know what other people do with them, so here's a link to a speedpainting video done with this set of brushes :)…

And here's the finished piece :
Speedpainting Demeter by Midnight-63

Thank you for your awesome work !
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Thank you so much
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ZeeMeemyHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks buddy! haven't used it,  but just thanking in advance, if i use it somewhere will let you know !
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lumfini Digital Artist
Nice brush set :D
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Lady-AsphodelHobbyist General Artist
VioletL3's avatar
VioletL3Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are great. May i use these brushes for commercial artwork?
MikacchiMikan's avatar
Thanks you :,3
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dixiekasilkeHobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I am sure these will be handy, as I am trying to do more digital painting. :D 
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ShiryuOHobbyist General Artist I used them only for the background texture, but it adds a nice touch to the drawings.
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MochaNessStudent Filmographer
I used these and you speed painting brushes in this They were so cool to use, I've never used brushes like these before :)
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frost-747Professional General Artist
Gracias están geniales!! 
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lobisco1Student Filmographer
OMG!! So amazing thank you :O
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MrJuniorerHobbyist General Artist
Freakin' awesome!!,
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Evey-VHobbyist General Artist
Speed Painting Brushes by justinjad
Your brushes are being redistributed here, via (which means they're getting monetary gain from them.)
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AlectorFencerProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for reporting the issue!
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Evey-VHobbyist General Artist
No problem!
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Barramundi-GuyProfessional Filmographer
Thankyou so much for sharing these :D
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Thank you for sharing
I'm gonna try them asap :)
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