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Plant Spirit Figurine FINAL

The sculpture is finally done! :D
Patch Together did a wonderful job making this sculpture just by having my drawings as reference!
Thanks to all who pre-ordered the Plant Spirit to make it become touchable and be placed next to you or in your garden. ;D

Don't worry, there are still more available!
Now as you can see the actual figurine (the fotos have been taken in a dark room and the background cut out, so colours might appear a little blue) it might make your decision easier to get one yourself:


Thanks so much again! :blowkiss:
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What did you use to make this figurine?
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Very clever! A shame they are sold out once more!
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So cool, its not even funny. I might have already said this, but you outclass us mere mortals with your artistry. It is so good that this does not cost over $200 or something, because I am getting one of these. Another near immortal masterpiece by AlectorFencer, I am telling you all this is mastery at its finest, imagination at possibly its most innovative. I am practically addicted to your work, AlectorFencer, and I mean that in a totally non creepy way. It would be an out of body experience for me, if I just woke up one day and had your ridiculously tremendous talent at my disposal. I have been harboring a long and previously secret affection for the idea of animals and plants merging together, which is probably why I solely follow your work as of right now, besides the fact that it is incredible work indeed. Well, that's about it, except keep doing what you do, and I will be a devoted fan until you stop. Peace.
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Beautiful details!
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I think it's a beautiful sculpture and the paint job is really quite nice! I am curious to know about the choice to have less green about the nose though. It was a part of the original art that I really liked, I thought it made the whole of this sort of plant creature mesh more nicely. As it is now the head really pops out. It is still beautiful, just curious about the change.
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O.O this sculpture is so DURRRRR~
the plant spirit is always one of my favorite characters from you,
i totally love to imagine him standing in my garden!
and the guys from patch together did an awesome job... i wish i have the money to buy this...
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They diiid! Wow! I'm totally going to have to get one :XD:
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I'm so glad for you! it looks awsome!!! they managed to do it so well <3 I'm gona ask for that for my birthday! =D pwetty pwetty
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I would LOVE to purchase this sculpture, as I adore this character design of yours. But the custom fees were ridiculous last time I purchased from Patch Together, which could have been easily avoided if they had just ticked "gift". I assure you, if I had not previously had this bad experience, I'd be buying this RIGHT NOW.
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looks like a scrunt from lady in the water
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Wow! Toll!
Kennst du: Lady in the water?
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This turned out so, so gorgeous... the colors & shading, wow! Absolutely magical.
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Sigh.. soooooo wish I could get one! But alas, there is NO way my parents will get it for me, and I sure as hell don't have the money.
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Too bad I'm so freakin' poor. I'd buy one, otherwise.
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thats the most badass piece of broccoli ive ever seen
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Broccoli dog!

JK. it looks really nice :) i like the face
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Ordered! I am so excited!

Uploaded a couple of mine too, I think it would be so freaking cool to have a figurine of my own design!
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$64 >.<

Such a pretty sculpture too, would love to really put it in my garden. So much stuff to save for so little money...
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