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Peril of Guarding

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"As with so many things, the world had come to its end.

The last battle was a quiet one, fought in no more land than a wolf might wander in a day. It was not fought by deities, it was not even fought by warriors, but by a single, vulnerable friend.

He had fought for her before. He had fought because the whisperings of good told him she would make a difference.

Protect her, they deigned.

And though this was said to nearly a dozen, only Zal remained to fight for her. Where others had faded to the black or fallen with despair, only he had stayed at her side.

The world had come to its end. The Taer, its body emblazoned by the apathy of billions, fueled by ancient fears great and small and the nagging of death, decay, and destruction, descended towards the final light.

Zal's paws clutched the grit of earth; his tail swept the cliff's breadth. The world was ending, and his was the only body left to stop it.

He would be the one to die, so that when the world ended, she, at least, could survive."

Manojalpa requested a massive commission by me in which her character Zal guards a silver apple sapling from the terrible darkness that forces every light creating power to dim.


This was one of the largest and most complex paintings I have done so far and I never thought I could finish it in such a short amount of time. I'm still thankful for the ones who really stayed 10 hours watching me stream. Haha. You're simply awesome. XD

All in all, including the sketch, I worked about 30 hours on the image. I tried out to not concentrate on small details so much but on lighting and colouring which will create the most important aspects of the painting in the end.

The original file is about 4500 x 5600 pixel on 300 dpi.
There is a better description coming very soon.

I must run out and do some mosaik simply for enjoyment. XD

Thanks a lot for looking!! :blowkiss:
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SpaceOrchidStudent Digital Artist
Amazing piece of is  pretty similar to one dream of mine....Keep it up!
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Featured on Franck Barré's epic Trailer Music track "The Ultimate Battle"! Fits perfectly! Thanks for creating this one! :)
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You made something epic!
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UGNArtWorldHobbyist General Artist
Ou... it's so beautiful. I love this painting.

Can I use it for a video (not for commercial purposes, just a simple YT music video)?
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AzureithStudent Artist
amazing and beautiful work!
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beautiful work
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Ross-MakoskeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, this is really neat.
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MandelCr8torHobbyist Digital Artist
Great Artwork, love the dragons, great movement in this one
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TahyonProfessional Digital Artist
beautiful artwork!:clap:
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RealVect0rHobbyist Digital Artist
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kellyjo503Hobbyist Photographer
love love love your stuff
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XxLordRage666xXHobbyist General Artist
truly immaculant. i love this. and the story. awesome job xD
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MorfiemooHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! And the story too :3
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RedAventadorHobbyist Traditional Artist

INCREDIBLE! Wonderful detail, love the intensity!
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This is gorgeous. I wish I could have it hanging in my room!
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kenywhpHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work!
Featured on Monster Database!

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Amazing and EPIC! :iconiwantitplz:
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Dakknay-SadeProfessional Digital Artist
Jeezus Christ this is amazing. This piece really inspires me, and though I don't know you this piece is so beautiful I've gained an instant respect for you, thank you very much for sharing!

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Lovely, and excellent backstory.
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grinandferret General Artist
This is absolutely stunning! The composition really flows and leads the eyes into it. The designs of the dragons are equally entrancing and beautifully designed. You have created a truly amazing and breathtaking piece. :onfire:
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AlectorFencerProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you ever so much! :)
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ConstrosityHobbyist General Artist
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KittrexStudent Digital Artist
What a beautiful painting! The story is so touching and well fitting! Great work! :D
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