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I should have taken off yesterday, but felt like making a quick birthday sketch for myself and for you. Stay comfortable. :)

This is me peeking out from my art cave. I am very quiet out here but active behind the curtains.
For more in-depth updates all things regarding MYRE Vol 2, check out my updates page on Indiegogo:…

Completed pages, WIPs, single panels of Myre Vol 2 are available via Patreon:

This painting is available as full resolution for patreon supporters of all tiers.
HighRes ->

Thank you so much for your patience and support! I'll be around ASAP! :)
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Love the "spotlight". Beautiful creatures.

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Welcome to the home of Grace within Fear #Africa

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I need a man that will fuck me hard
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Wonderfully created piece of Art...:+fav::meditation:

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This isn’t a sketch!



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This is fantastic 😊
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Keep painting and keep on drawing. I guarantee that these are going to be worthy of a museum of their own~

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Aww thank you! °__°

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Just... wow! Really unique idea :)

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and Happy Birthday, of course!

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... *eat the butterfly*

Beautiful picture.

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I've been seeing a lot of this guy on pinterest lately. I missed this guy.

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Oh cool! I didn't know. :D

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Absolutely lovely <3

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Thank you, dear! <3

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So enchanting! :la:

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the blues and the greens are lovley on this piece !

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It's like spring is peeking out, wondering if it should roll outta bed yet.

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