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Myre - Traveling page

I'm not saying which page number it is because it's not a webcomic and released pages should be somewhat titled. :)
I realised that I haven't put this up on here after showing it on Twitter! I guess as soon as I make something public, I immediately rush back to grind holes in my graphic tablet. :)
A little more than just a panel this time. It's my favourite team in the whole series, even if Varug's details are killing me slowly. I enjoy it so much though. :D

I respect everyone who's working on graphic novels and who has released their ideas as graphic novels already. It's a painstaking progress which requires a lot of focus and time. Fun is the greatest aspect of all of it and I'm so happy that I can do this. <3
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Is he a sort of Kirin ? Because he look like a Dragon Horse...
I am VERY curious about this part... the riding dragon... are they similarly HOOVED animals like deer and goats, as we see at the rear, but do they have claws or the same type or hooves at the front?
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Thank you so much! Varug's dragon species has hooves at the front and back. They are very savvy in climbing mountanous and ragged areas, much like goats. That's what I based her legs on, too. :D
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A dragon horse, awesome!
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And you can see more of her in the whole graphic novel soon! :D
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How do you come up with these awesome creatures?!
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Thank you! And I don't know. They're floating around in my head somehow. :D
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Oh man, so incredible. That last panel especially...blows me away.
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Thank you so much!!<3
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Seems like you are doing a good job with the graphic novel process.:) 
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I'm really excited that I completed it now. Haha! It took quite a while! :)
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I love this!! It's really awesome, it's full of motion, sometimes I have the feeling that the picture is actually moving :O great work!
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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This is so cool! I love the design of your creature and character. The colors and shading are also really well done. Awesome work
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its stunning artwork... wow... but every time I look at it I just see her riding stance and think about what would happen to her if they stopped suddenly with all those spikes on her mounts back...
AlectorFencer's avatar
This is why only Myre can ride Varug. Everybody else who doesn't have the training, would slam against the plates. ;D
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Each piece of art you draw is just stunning! 
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Thank you so much! <3
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holy shit this looks so cool!
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Ahh! Thank you! \o/
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superb fantasy art in it's purest form.
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