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Myre - Plain



A 30 - 45 minute landcspae sketch.
The world around Myre is very meager and nearly dead. Seeing landscapes that contain mossy parts and underneath massive rocks and mountains is not too rare yet it always means something special to the traveler.

I think I really should finally take myself time for a large personal painting featuring the character Myre in a well worked-out landscape that is far from a concept scribble. Also, I finally came up to add some blue sky. C:
I noticed that very less of my paintings show a blue sky or at least some parts of it. It's not that the weather is always nice for the people living in the world of "Myre".

More concepts and scribbles will come soon and hopefully ,wish me luck, I find some time to work on many proper paintings that will show the character and her world a lot better. :3

Thanks a lot for looking!
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Beautiful :) how much would you charge for a simple concept sketch commission like this? :)