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Myre Ham n Strings

Hey everyone,

A quick reminder that Myre Vol 2 is up for another 36 hours on Indiegogo and my store! Hop on and become a part of the journey ->>
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Myre 2 is going through the roof and I still can't believe it. I really don't know how to thank you best but by doing what I can do best.
Keep your eyes open for a new painting, which I will upload tomorrow. :D
Thank you all so much for your support! <3

The pun arose with the sketch. :)
I felt like loosening up with a simple image of Myre in her most comfortable position: With food, a fag and Varug roaming around somewhere.
This sketch isn't tied to Myre Vol 2. It's a simply fun sketch of Myre to get something colourful in for the time that I'm working mostly on the storyboard. :)

Check my Twitter for frequent updates:
Patreon to see paintings way before they get posted to the public:
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I feel like she'd eat it right off the bone!

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What a great piece. I love her attitude

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omg omg I luv I luv I luuuuuuuv!!!!! I love seeing her with a smile on her face, and her chest thrust out and her hair all wild! She's come a long way, Myre! I love your work and book and I just hope everything works out for you! Everything's just so perfect about this there’s no way Myre vol 2 won't be the most read works of the century. Please keep up the good work for my obsession!

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The lighting in this hits something in your core. Grabs your attention.
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Heheh, this looks like it would be taken shortly after she met Lutz in Ehrann, what with the ham leg and cigarette! Then again, I am probably wrong, owing to the fact that a few of the scrapes she had aren't there...oh well, it's a great painting!

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She looks impressive!

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Love the light play!

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She looks pretty and gorgeous. You did amazing work.

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Myre's pose looks outstanding, always ready to take on a journey with her dear friend Varug! :)

Splendid drawn!👏🏻

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You're most welcome, Alector!

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Looking good, nice work

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Somehow I'm reminded of Nyoka from Outer Worlds

AlectorFencer's avatar

Haven't seen the characters yet, I think. :0

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It's a good game. ^^ And Nyoka's got the most compelling campanion quest. I'd recommend checking it out.

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She looks pretty and great; great work.

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You're welcome. :)

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