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Myre - Chill Out

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Let's chill out some.

Some very relaxing and calm image of Myre and Varug enjoying the morning sun on high plains of Ehraan. Myre is living a nomadic life and is adapted to the goings of nature and the people. Being always on the road gives her the opportunity to explore new areas along the way. Her only daily worry is getting enough food, water and the occasional luxury to enjoy.
Preparing for the night, Myre would ritually take off Varug's reigns so that she can roam around scavenging for food, do her hunting and feed herself while keeping an eye out for Myre while she sleeps. This small ritual between the both is mildly symbiotic as Varug is a sentient creature who enjoys her personal freedom, all the while scouting for any dangers that might harm her friend, Myre.

I wanted to share this chill moment between the two as they relax in the warming sunlight of the morning. You probably have a friend with whom you can spend a whole day in the same room without saying anything and yet, you feel comfortable and happy in each other's company. This is quite the same between Myre and Varug. I feel so happy to be drawing them again. This image really eased my mind and fills me with so much excitement to get started with the second part of their story. :)

Yesterday, I made a first recording test with this image when sketching Varug. I will post it here soon and make it available for Yrian Tourists. WIPs will come right after for Patreon supporters.
I will add this to the extra prints and wallpapers available through my print run campaign on Indiegogo:

Keep an eye open for postings and updates next week. I got a very important announcement to make.

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You've made an amazing job! I looked at it, and noticed a nice message from it. That same kind of sensation you told on the description, it struck me before reading. I think it means you are an expert on that!
6Nephilim9's avatar
Is there anyway you can make a cute monkey woman with big fluffy tail and elf ears?
Rozh-Fox's avatar
wallpaper yes
AlectorFencer's avatar
I'm glad you enjoy this! :)
sketchy40's avatar
Agonizing-Lachrymose's avatar
When you are the only one here who just likes the drawing for the scenery and posing, and not the furry girl's legs
StevenSerisawa's avatar
Some of us like it for both those qualities. 
PainterPirate's avatar

Im conceredered a furry and the way you drew her ears is on point!

AlectorFencer's avatar
I am glad they approve. :)
PainterPirate's avatar

Ok, what the heck. Yeah, im repoting you.

flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Wicked boot design, they supposed to be intended for climbing? c:
AlectorFencer's avatar
For stabilizing herself on the saddle pedals as well as for kicking. ;D
KidoKoala's avatar
Her legs look very sexy in those stockings and boots, and wearing that outfit, in general!
AlectorFencer's avatar
She does! Even though she isn't aware of it. 8D
KidoKoala's avatar
I'd want to feel in her legs. ;)
FuzzyFuzzyFox's avatar
this looks like my oc terra
great job
i can hardly shade
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, she's pretty, that being is awesome!!!!!!!.
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
Cute anthro with a touch of fantasy. Just about perfect. :D
TenebrisArt's avatar
Damn, I went through your work and need to admit that it's pretty impressive! I really love the atmosphere and the story looks really gripping! Keep it up! ^.^
aqzaqz525's avatar
it's awesome!
reminds me about vyriss!
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