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Moar Forest Quickies

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I unconditionally must get used to draw landscapes.. so I paint and paint. And I also suck at perspective... still. .___.

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Photoshop... I have no clue how long they took me. I took quite long breaks in between. xD
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<- is in awe.
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So pretty. A lot of your work really makes me want to start going out in the forest and taking pictures, and then practice drawing and painting them so I can make stuff like this someday. Wonderful!
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they look very pretty! and amazing! :D
Beautiful, I suck worse than u So don't complain this is amazing I'm totally making this my backround
mi2x's avatar
That It looks amazing!
Incarnadine91's avatar
I still don't get how you can do these and call them "quickies" =) Fabulous!
Gwenthyr's avatar
The left one looks a bit too underwater to me. But that's my only complain ;)
Elziler's avatar
i....dont know what to say.....its so...realisticaly beautiful....
TessasShelter's avatar
omg the one on the left if you put a wolf looking back like with one paw off the ground it would look like it was running away and that would be TOTALLY aa perfect drawing. i think you should try it because the turn out would be awesome.
NightTracker's avatar
omg you give me so much inspiration for backgrounds, espeically trees and distance color for them. Your backgrounds are just simply beautiful.
Schazmen's avatar
Really... cool... Even if they are just quickies, you still have more talent for images than I could even dream of having.
WolfSpiritWarrior's avatar
i love the left one especially the larger tree in the background it kinda reminds me o a seen from the lion kind
Anatoliba's avatar
Wow, wieder solche wunderschönen Zeichnungen! Diese Lichteffekte machen echt was her, sie lassen aus meiner Sicht die Bäume so geheimnisvoll erscheinen.
Airlesse's avatar
I kinda see the face of an iguana in the right picture. :D
Jeraly's avatar
Beautiful ^_^
dragonicalism's avatar
i like the right one better, but they are both great
Bear-hybrid's avatar
those are such beautiful backgrounds <3 I wish I knew how to add leaves to trees like you (thats the part that always kills me
Evilduckie227's avatar
wow beautiful. I love drawing trees myself. =)
oh! the tree on the right, there is a branch/root on the bottom right that looks like an alligator. lolz

but, anyway. These look great! <3
malevolentmemory's avatar
Awesome job for just being practice! My trees look like chopsticks now compared to this. :giggle: I'm just wondering, is it supposed to be in traditional (the category) or should it be digital since you said it's done in Photoshop?
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yeah im still learning perspectives too, a lot of angles i jus cant get right these days.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
ok so they aren't quickies......and only one of the drawings has crappy perspective.
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