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MYRE is finally open for orders!

You can finally order Myre - Chronicles of Yria Volume 1! Thank you so much for all the love and support! <3
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I'm a fan of your work and I am disappointed to say that I've missed out buying Myre Volume 1 Hardcover. In fact, I was trying to buy 'YRIA BUNDLE -L-' from your store and turns out all your books and bundles are currently sold out!!! It is my fault for not acting fast and not buying your amazing Myre graphic novel...

I do hope you can print more books and bundles to those who have missed out.

Thank you!
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Judging from what people have commented about you, you are a wonderful writer. And (obviously) a wonderful artist.
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I want to buy this as soon as I save up enough money.
I hope it ships to Korea!
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Sieht wahnsinnig gut aus, ich such ja immer nach Graphic Novels die gut gezeichnet sind.
Ist vorgemerkt ;)
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hab dich auf der Comic con gesehen :happybounce: Heart  
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Fweee! Die Welt ist so klein! :0
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I just have to get it now!
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I hope it arrived safely! :)
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Haven't ordered it yet... need to save some money XD
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bought it, cant wait for it to arrive :)
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Oh, thank you so much! It will be on its way by tomorrow morning. :)
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ohhh I am going to buy it, as soon as I am home again. :D Cant wait !
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Ooo, this looks so cool! :la: what's it about?
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Thank you! My boyfriend called it a "Postapocalyptic Fantasy Western", which pretty much matches it. :D It's just a tad rougher with a hint of comedy. And dragons. ;D
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you're welcome! :aww:

Wow...:la: that's an intriguing combination.
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Got my copy of Myre, been reading it way too fast. It's so good, aauuughh
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Awww! Thank you so much! I will try to put my hands on the next volume as soon as possible! :D <3
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It arrived and I read it as soon as possible (and when I said I read it I read everything, including the copyright ^^; ). It was absolutely beautiful and it took my breath away. Your art is so wonderful it kills me when I think of drawing. Not simply because your so incredibly good at it, but because my drive to draw is so dead that even if I got all the supplies I'd need to practice what I'd use for color, I wouldn't be able to push myself to try hard enough...
Enough about me though. The book was absolutely worth every cent I spent and the wait for it to get to me across sea! 
Inspiring you are! Thanks for bringing this into the world!
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Aww that is so sweet of you! Thank you for reading everything so carefully! <3 Thank you ever so much for your wonderful thoughts and your great support! I truly don't know what to say. I'm filled with joy that you find inspiration for drawing too. Never give up and always challenge yourself. Even if an idea appears impossible at first, push yourself to the max and challenge yourself with experimentation and studies. You can do it! <3
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You are very welcome! And thanks for the advice! I'll be keeping it in mind!
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