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MYRE Vol 2 - A Room of Curiosities

I invite you to a cozy room of curiosities.
A panel from my next graphic novel Myre Vol 2. Needless to say, I had a ton of fun with it! ;)
Myre Vol 2 is going smoothly and well. Since this volume is very demanding, you barely see me around these days. But every now and then, I manage to find a speck of time to spare and utilise to be around and share what I've been working on!

Such is with tomorrow, when I have a livestream session with Adobe Live UK!
Join us live and ask questions when I go over a selected number of panels/pages of Myre Vol 2.
When? -> 28th of June (Monday) 12:40 (MEST)

Where? ->

For the replay, follow:…
In case you can't make it to the livestream. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

The full page of this panel and other pages can be read and seen at my Patreon! I post a very limited number of pages there, years before they're published in print.~>

Thank you so much for your support. <3
Myre Vol 1 and Haunter of Dreams are available at:

Have a great start into the new week!
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This is really gorgeous

UnicornCat's avatar

Wie du einfach Weitwinkel MALEN kannst XD Also echt!!

PhoenixCalifornia's avatar

The perspective?! Flawless

TsaoShin's avatar

Wow gorgeous detail! Your artwork is always so inspiring!

Tinselfire's avatar

The room isn't actually curved, is it?

letc30honey23's avatar

what perfection, every detail is simply amazing

BaggsBrothersArt's avatar
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Hi Alector! I'm not sure if you get questions like this a lot, but I'm wondering how you learned to create comics. It's a lot more of a difficult process than I'd expected and I'm just wondering if you sort of just figured it out as you went? Or if there were resources you used to learn how to do this? thank u <3

Ipiutiminelle's avatar

This is very pretty !

ledja's avatar

Amazing! this has a strange early 90s point and click adventure vibe. I feel I would like to visit it in vr chat.

I knew a guy once that had moss growing in his bedroom....

Draco56's avatar

Simply beautiful. Amazing work on details.

AlectorFencer's avatar
ZombieChylde's avatar

OMG I want to live there! :oops: :heart:

AzorART's avatar
Perceptor's avatar

Very nice. :-)

Joakaha's avatar

Beautiful as always, so much details! ^^

Crimson-Quill-086's avatar

Wow. This reminds me of the sacre darchive of stuff, but...more colourful. Is this a shop or a storeroom or workshop...or a combination? What a curious and lovely setting!

I also note the tree this INSIDE the tree at the centre of the city, or is it another, smaller tree?

AlectorFencer's avatar

It's a little bit of everything. The place is so old, it got completely taken over by its surroundings. The one living in there simply shifts his stuff around as the roots change the place gradually. That makes it even cozier. :)

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As always, incredible attention to detail! I've read Myre vol 1 several times and I am STILL finding little things in the background I never noticed before.

AlectorFencer's avatar

This is wonderful! <3 Thank you for the lovely compliment! Myre 2 will have plenty more things to discover. :D

Hardwing's avatar

You really put a lot of work in it.


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