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MYRE Proof Print Arrived Today!

The press proof for Myre arrived today and everything is looking awesome! Myre has finally the green light to go into full print production! :D
The second picture is me losing my composure and starting to run around the house like a maniac. 8D Achievement unlocked!
You can also estimate the final size of the pages inside the book as the proof prints came in the original size. It's going to be pretty big. :D

Thank you so much for all the comments and favourites on the last few pictures! I'm still extremely busy but I make sure to read all of them! <3

More updates and art will follow very soon. :D
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Who's a rockstar?  You are!  =]  
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oh god. For a moment i thought that you was emma watson lol
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I can't wait... i am so happy for you and congratulations. Can't wait for the final one.....
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So exciting! I can't wait!!! 
I bet you're running around like a maniac, I can only imagine how much time and determination went into this long project!
You are truly inspiring, and it is an honor to be able to watch your art grow, and to see your story come closer and closer to fruition.
Wishing you the best!
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Yaaay! Thank you! :dance:
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I supported this on crowdfunding so I'm really happy to see it come to fruition. Also maybe more art from you here now? :D (I miss Plant Spirit!)
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Someone is really excited in that second picture. :D Congrats!
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Congrats! It looks beautiful.
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Thank yous o much! :D
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Congratulations, a grand achievement, and a very happy Yule.
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**************** that pages. :O
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Take that like a compliment ;) Awesome work here. :)
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I did! :D Thank you! \o/
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you're welcome ^^
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May I ask what size each page is? I'm planning on making a comic but I'm not sure how big the pages are supposed to be
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It's a custom size. i chose 21 x 33 centimeters in format. It's quite a tall book. :)
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So when making a comic you get to choose whatever size you want?
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