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MYRE - Nimble

Lutz is a nimble guy. I always imagined him to be as quick on his feet as he is with his mouth. His unconventional lifestyle in the city of Ehraan, as well as his personal background before he got there, taught him many ways of getting around.

I always imagined Lutz to move around fast with moves, inspired by parkour. He was the first character I designed who needed to own this particular skill. Back then, I just thought of the sports but around it evolved a character as complex as Lutz. And since I didn't really have a chance to fully show his skills in Myre Vol 1, I took it now and did these sketches instead.
Another set of fun and simple sketches with more focus on just simple character movements. :)

Wednesday is so close! Ahh!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, my campaign launch to help me make Myre 2 a reality is on Wednesday July 1!
Thank you so much for looking.
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So cool! What kind of creature is he again?
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Awesome work, love the character design!

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Aw it's super cool to see these! I didn't get much of a relation to Lutz in vol 1, so I'm curious to see what role he'll have in vol 2! :)

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ooooh, i like him! :D

nice face, outfit and of course awesome dynamic poses. He has personality!

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That backflip pose in particular looks light as a feather. Nice work!

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This is really good! Have you ever read Redwall by Brian Jaques? Judging by this piece, I think you'd like it.

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Ooooh I'm not Alector but I love Redwall! (I gor into this art because it reminded me of it;)

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Is there any reptile characters?

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Oh wow, he's good! I hope we see more of him in Volume 2, the scoundrel! :D

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Awesome, I like the pose.

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