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MYRE 2 - Wonder

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Location  Yria
There can be beauty and wonder amid all sorrows.

A topical glimpse of a scene from the next Volume of Myre. A caravan of refugees meandering through the barren lands of Yria. Their eyes dull and weary from all struggles. The harsh grounds wounding their soles from all the walking.
Yet between the struggle, there can be small glimpses of beauty amid all the sorrows.

I wanted to take the chance to make studies of colour themes and narrative for my next big Myre project. A project of this scope always requires a lot of preparation. And getting ready for it for me means to delve right in and take you along into it.
Not much is left until I'm fully prepared. It feels like taking a very deep breath before a dive. :)
There will be more.

Stay well and find beauty in the small wonders of life.

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teared up when I saw this.

There's nothing I can say. It's beautiful. That child's eyes are widened perfectly and the marvel is in the face its just.... i can't even type the feeling I get when I see this.

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You captured every contrast in color but as well in emotions, beautiful MashaAllah

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What are the names of these weird camel creatures?

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I don't know yet. :)

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Wow, so cuuute

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I adore the lighting and expressions in this piece. Also camels :>

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Nice job! 🔥🔥
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The color and composition are the best ))
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Love the details and coloring :love::rose::heart:
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Wonderfully done. I love how everyone looks bored and dull but this little fluffy looks just amazed.
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"Human Beings make Life so interesting. Do you know, that in a Universe so full of Wonders, they have managed to invent boredom."

 - Death in Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett

This somehow reminded me of that quote.
Great Work.
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Good morning, Nice Scene!!!.
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The little fox - okay, it's cute and all, but just look at those gorgeous camels! They're so impressive, I totally love them.
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I like the style. It so reminds me of the animal-like characters that populated the Final Fantasy games.
Ohh, so much emotion in two faces. Tiny fox(?) is so cute and looking curiously (IMO) at the others in the caravan, we can guess primarily at a rider just off to the right. Parent fox looks weary, yet determined.
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I really love this :3
is there a webcomic? :)
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I feel that dogs pain 
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