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MYRE 2 - Whithin and Beyond

Myre is a very complex character, despite how she behaves around others. A hardened shell as facade to far-reaching inner spheres that open up little by little. In volume 2, I go deeper into what moves Myre and reveal part of where she comes from. 
This piece is a prelude to her continuation of the journey, and that it reaches far beyond the mountain ridges that she knows of. 

Myre 2 is closing on Indiegogo in the next 12 hours, and I wanted to take this moment to thank you all again for your endless support and for believing in me. There is a lot of work and time ahead of me. But I will do everything in my might to make the next journey as beautiful as possible! I am ever so happy to announce that the story is coming together so beautifully already.
I really can't wait to work on the first fully fledged paintings within the book. <3
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Amazing art ...i need to read it

This piece, even without the description, has so much meaning behind it.

"Those who say 'they have nothing to hide' almost often do."

~(Herold Finch from Person of Interest)

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"Thy biggest enemy is thyself..." -Idk if anyone knows then let me know and I'll give credit, not my quote

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Now, that's a FOXY image, if ever I saw one! What Does The Fox Say

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The expressions are fantasticly emotive. Like, wow, they carry so much even though the character is not human. You've definitely made headway over time.
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This is magnificent. Is the reflection on the lower half of the picture a representation of Myre in her dreams? Is it a portent for the future? Blackened earth, an arm peeling away in embers... (I do tend to read into these a little TOO much).

I like this very much. :D

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T̥ͦH̥ͦI̥ͦS̥ͦ I̥ͦS̥ͦ ḀͦM̥ͦḀͦZ̥ͦI̥ͦN̥ͦG̥ͦ I̥ͦM̥ͦ S̥ͦP̥ͦE̥ͦḀͦC̥ͦH̥ͦL̥ͦE̥ͦS̥ͦS̥ͦ !̥ͦ!̥ͦ!̥ͦ!̥ͦ!̥ͦ!̥ͦ!̥ͦ!̥ͦ
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She looks gorgeous. You did awesome work.

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Looks awesome; excellent work. :happybounce:

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This is so Fantastic art, really really great art!

The character is fantastic and also the drawing together, the effect of the flames, the sky the wind really fantastic!

I really like it this details effects on toghetor how you mix the colors and everything, Beautiful!

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