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MYRE 2 - Ildayrah


Help make Myre Vol 2 a reality! >>> <<<

They don't see me. But I do. Ildayrah, a character of my comic series Myre.

I added Ildayrah to the collection of high resolution wallpapers from the tiers "SEEDLING COLLECTOR" and up! What's his place in the story? Only you can find out...

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Wow 😳 so amazing
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Looks awesome! Definitely curious about what their story is.

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He looks amazing :la:

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Incredible. The peeling away of the blackness through fire is very nicely done, although I have a grim foreboding that this character is not a good one. Perhaps he is a member of the Dwellers, or some other group? This, however, is purely based on his appearence. And I may be wrong...

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Totally impressive!

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Within the ruins of his kingdom, he watches.

Within his prison of onyx, he waits.

Within the maze of his mind, he plots.

With the touch of the dragon's flame, he wakes.

With the trembling of the earth, he is freed.

With the opening of his eyes, his vengeance is unfurled.

With the sounds of his roar, his voice shakes the heavens.

And with sword in hand, and army at his back ...

... we run.

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Awesome artwork.

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Wow! This is absolutely stunning!

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