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Lores of Yria - The Haunter of Dreams Cover

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"Rhuf la lory - tah ny bory"

Enjoy the beginning of this story, accompanied by Fox Amoore's soundtrack of HoD:…
I have an in depth walkthrough of the making of this cover as well as the first 5 released pages on my Patreon!

The beginning of a new lore of Yria. At last, I can share it with you! This is the cover of my new comic, shared with you online and in print soon!

Many who live on Yria pass lore from generation to generation.

It's a world where stories and tales are constantly created. The legend of the Crow Eater has now become a separate adventure called "Haunter of Dreams" instead of being interwoven directly in the main graphic novel series of Myre and the Chronicles of Yria.
It's a tale about the intruiging and gruesome nightmares one can experience throughout their life. And Haunter of Dreams tells you about a story of a little boy who has to overcome the shadows of his own fears. While the Chronicles of Yria tell you about Myre's and her companions' story, the spinoff series "Lores of Yria" will feature short stories that describe how sayings and tales came to be, how they go and how they can play a major role in the lives of every Yrian.

This journey will carry you through the dreamscapes of a young boy, told in a visual format completely without speech.
Haunter of Dreams will be updated once a week every Friday!

Thank you for looking! <3

:iconpatreon: Early access to comic pages, behind the scenes, Making-Ofs and High Resolution images and my endless gratitude for keeping me going: PATREON

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So beautiful
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Just got the book, ho man do I love it.

Thanks a lot !!!

Have a nice holiday and a happy new year.
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I have seen this amazing peace of art before.
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This is beautiful! Keep up the amazing work!
I am sure I have seem a scene like this before,but I can't remember......
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Looks amazing! I love the fantastic contrast between the tranquil forest and the threatening crow flock laying in wait for this innocent little guy!
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I am excited for what you post next Friday I love the style! Great Concept!!

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Is that bunny wonderland?
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I love this.  Well done!
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that's one adventurous bunny!
Very cool piece.
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fantastic work Clap 
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Very cool!  Great detail  - adorable.  Good job!
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Love the juxtaposition in this scene. Wonderful magic you weave, AlectorFencer!
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Good morning, great cover. 
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OMG! This is amazing :iconilavplz:
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