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Life Skirt

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What a stupid title. lol I couldn't think of something better, really. XD
This was a very, very quick concept picture I did about the Plant Spirit and I know I could have put more details and colour tones in but it was 1 o'clock in the night and I wanted to finish it. Dead lines for the win.

With this picture, I wanted to show something very special about the Plant Spirit, which is the heart. The plants which surround the plant spirit cover its heart, the most vulnerable part and source for the plants to live.
So, the vines and other plants which the spirit let grow, belong to it hence it can feel if someone stepped on a little leaf or broke a vine.

When running really fast, the spirit can merely jump out of its coverage aside some main vines which belong to its being, like an aorta but come back to surround the body as soon as the spirit stops.
Without the coverage of the plants, the spirit is just something like a ghost, something nonmaterial and untouchable. The heart is the only excisting thing beside the plants.

Plant Spirit is © Claudya Schmidt aka AlectorFencer. Please don't copy, alter or redistribute!
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Funtimelolbit123Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ChaiiWolfeHobbyist Digital Artist
This is such a cool concept!
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RiverStarMontenegroHobbyist Traditional Artist
What tools you use for this?
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BaneEdenStudent General Artist
Very pretty^^ love the colors:heart:
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LOVE IT! dont know what else to say
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dimitrioustalidasProfessional General Artist
i love your thought about this painting... it conveys most of it.. very energetic..
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LogantheObliteratorStudent Artist
To me, it seems you put enough detail and color in to kill something, like the viewer, and (hopefully) send them to somewhere better, like the Plant Spirit's realm. Anyway, yeah, this is incredible, it is hard to believe that you are human with human hands when you can create such crazy good drawings with those same hands. Keep it up, AlectorFencer, you are beastly awesome at whatever you do to do this kind of art. Peace.
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stellicStudent Photographer
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talliesynnStudent Digital Artist
Very interesting. :D You're character is so awesome! :la:
I've been looking through you're whole gallery of Plant Spirit.
I wish I had this many sketches/artworks of my character. I'll have to get to work :meow:
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~this is power. The movement! Waves of green are pulled forward by a mytic animal. Color YES!
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This plant spirit is really original. I love the color and depth in all your pieces. I hope one day to be half as talented as you!
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Wow, i saw this in the general DA gallery and simply had to click it...amazing!
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amazing concept, what did you do this with? the background i think is watercolor...but the rest?
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I just love this plant spirit!! But in this pic, i like how you can see how long his claws are.
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What I really love most about this picture is the story of the Plant Spirit's heart. It makes the red heart shown here all the more precious, fragil, and beautiful. And as always, the detail is amazing!
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incredible art! your spirit plant wolf art is remarkable. love the greens! your art is fresh and different, and i like it.
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EagleWingGalleryProfessional Artisan Crafter
living skirt might suite it. life skirt reminds me of life line. :P amazing detail like always. i love this one the most out of all your pieces. i like the movement and the simplicity along with the complexity
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RSLaehnartHobbyist General Artist
An alternate title for this could be "Born of Life" or "Breathe into Me". Just throwing those out there cause you said you didn't have time to think of a good title.
I really like this. The greens work so well together and the background is just perfect for what your trying to portray. The only thing I can really say is that the claws look a bit too long to me, but other than that this is a very solid piece. I love it. ~<3
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sophia030394Student Traditional Artist
So. Frickin. Cool.
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now you got some awesome paintin talent here, great concept
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AlectorFencerProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! :)
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wow, i love how you conveyed the massive amount of plants this spirit has to protect it.
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Hm... Ich denke, dass dein Plant Spirit ist geil, er ist einmalig. :3
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AlectorFencerProfessional Digital Artist
Hihihi. Vielen Dank! :D
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