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Those who are blind to see won't understand the equality between life... and death.
The spirit in his cage of which it can't free itself and thus lasts forever.

This is the first sketch of two because I wanted to try out something new again. The colourwash was done on the finished drawing using acrylic inks.

The original can be seen at MMC.

The Plant Spirit is Copyright 2009 Claudya Schmidt. Please do not copy, alter or redistribute without my explicit permission!
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I love this and the meaning behind it beautiful work and detail. Keep it up :) 
noga-gal's avatar
beautiful and powerful
Keatsune's avatar
creepy, but i luv it;3
AmberHorseArtist's avatar
WOW. This is so detailed! I can't even imagine how long it took! :) Beautiful as always! :) Love it!
Angelic1994Demon's avatar
when did you start drawing like this?
mattsayshigh's avatar
i am in complete aw of all your pieces- espcially those from the plant spirit album

you have such a distinctly amazing style
im in love with it!
each single piece makes me even go WOW even more
I must say...I at this point have some major respectage going on for you. But no matter how hard I try I can't draw anything like this *Sobs*
The-Elven-Priestess's avatar
I had a dream I was wearing something like this piece on a t-shirt and it was amazing!
teh50calFerretz's avatar
Your a very talented artist.
TimeFlies's avatar
Never mind the DD, this is where your real talent lies!

Lovely pencil sketch here :)

I'm particularly fond of several other pieces by you too.
IkodoMoonstrife's avatar
The amount of details in these sketches are absolutely must have lots of patience :)
DragonWolf0014's avatar
This details! This style! XDDD
Your arts are amazing! :-)
icssilver's avatar
all the details is so cool! :love: It`s so amazing!!
kate44's avatar
Beautiful! Yay for the tiny details! I like your wolf like creatures very much :)
Dragonluver22's avatar
OMG OMG OMG!!! This is amazing, as usual!! :D
I was looking at the life and death pics, and I think that you should put them together and submit them for the Wacom Good vs Evil contest thing here on dA!!!
(Note: I am not some crazy person paid by Wacom or anyone to tell people to do this contest. I just think that this is really amazing and should be submitted.)
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Wow!!! It´s amazing! So many details :D
weremoon's avatar
Great. I really like your Plant Spirit, so beautiful idea. :)
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Wonderful details and concept. Great work! Would love to see more pictures like this.
kamiOwoneko's avatar
Birth is as breathtaking and brutal as Death.
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