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Leafy Love

Lots of leafy love to you!

Today, my HoD campaign ended and I can't thank you enough for all the support and love you gave me to make this project become a reality too! The results of IGG + my webstore: 488 supporters, 150% reached! Thank you, thank you!!! All prints and shipping can be covered now. <3

Thank you all who supported and pushed my campaign. I will make a status graphics and stick it to my website and my campaign page to keep you informed until you received your items. :) Have a lovely weekend!
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Utterly and absolutely adorable.

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Awww, I just got this one in my mail ^.^
<-- happy owner of Haunter of Dreams, whee
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I kind of want to hug the planty doggo..

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Oh my gosh this is so cute!! love the blending and lighting.
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Awww, this is such a cute doggo! And congrats on meeting your goal, too!
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Anytime, Alector!High-five! 

I'm so glad that I support you!:) (Smile)  This going to be exciting!:D (Big Grin)
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I am still wondering how in the living heck you got to mix leaves and floof at the same time!
This is such a cute and lively piece of art! Fantastic job!
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Good morning, great pose!!!HeartHeartHeartHeart.    
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Congrats on your campaign!  Wonderful work as always!
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*high five* OuO/
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I feel inclined to give this dog a high five if only my character wasn’t a fire wolf lol. XD
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owww!! i love it! 
great job! 
Awesome! [Patreon] SansFangirl4Life Icon [Patreon] SansFangirl4Life Icon 
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