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May we present:

Ildayra, the brother of Myre.

Since the first concepts of Myre and her story got to my mind, I though of an opponent who has a strong bond due a connection yet who might also be the worst villain included in the story. Having a brother like Ildayra could make your life ust as hard as his heart and hunting him for things he has done can turn out to be a rather crazy and obnoxious task.

Messing with this guy isn't much fun as phsychological violence is much worse than wounds that can heal.

The idea and concept of Ildayra has alwas been there. He is as well included in the piece "The Allegory of Foxes" --> [link]
Depicting the character like this though has been a quite hard task for me as I never really dared to sit down and draw a picture of him. I don't know why but I new that I had to draw him one day as being one of the most important characters through teh story, I simply can't leave him without any concepts. xD

So this is actually the very first real depiction of Ildayra, Myre's oh so beloved and detested brother.

Thanks so much for looking! <3

Ildayra and characters of Myre belong to AlectorFencer & Kebi. All rights reserved.
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Love his face, long hair, and armor! <3