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I am here

Listen to the beautifully composed soundtrack to this painting, done as a gift for me by Fox Amoore ---> [link]

I miss you so much, I wish you were here...

This painting made me think about the emotions that we feel when someone we love passes away. They will stay in our memories and heart forever. Even if we mourn about the loss, the beauty of memory will soon brighten our mind.

I got very inspired by "The Fountain" soundtrack by Clint Mansell so that I listened to it throughoutly.

20x40 cm on watercolour paper.
The original can be seen on MMC and maybe EF. Thanks a lot for looking. <3
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The pain of loss....Know the feeling too well.

Great Work!

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What a magical piece. The emotion you capture is perfect, I knew exactly what this was before I read the title or the description. Well done.
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Ahhh, truly breathtaking!!

I would so love to see this in the prints section....
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The feelings in this painting hit me more than I wanted to. Awesome piece of art! <3
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This makes me weep.
AtypicalNeko's avatar intense.... <3
this is just stupid
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You have garbage taste, by the way.
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Really? What's so stupid about it, if you don't mind me asking?
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This is the reason artists block comments. Sigh.
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The music is beautiful. Together, they are amazing.
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When I first saw the thumbnail for this pic, I heard When I See You Again start up in my head. Some major feels :)
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You have to listen to Fox Amoore's composition for this piece. Two truly masterful images of emotions together and I have not a tearless moment thinking about all my loved ones lost to War and Age, 2 and 4 legged family. What a seamless collaboration of emotions. -TT
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This is such an emotional image for me. In the Army and away from my mate, I'd dream of her only to find her vanished and yet I could actually feel her. This would have been the poster image for so many Soldiers missing their Mate.  Thank you for treating the image with such emotion, not to would have made it sterile. TT
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Reminds me of how I felt when me and my ex broke up...
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Wooow. The amount of emotion I can actually feel from this is incredible! Fantastic job on their expressions. Absolutely stunning.
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So sad and yet so heartwaming :O
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THis is pretiful <3
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The music ads to this sorrowfull sceene and makes it a absalute beautifull peice, it catches your heart about are lost loved ones, freinds and all it can be felt in this peice with the music caring it. sorry about the spelling heh
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It's So Sad, Emotional and Beatiful!!!! I like It!!!XD
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