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Dragon Dwellings

One of the many speedpaintings and concepts for my graphic novel "Myre" to settle down ideas and get them ready for the comic! 3 hours painting. It's a good practise, too!

This is one concept of many following which is pushing towards a major announcement and one I have planned since a whole year now! :) (Smile)
Thank you so much for the support throughout the creation of this story and thank you so much for looking!

Will she... by AlectorFencer Myre - Journeys Dawn by AlectorFencer Vantage Point by AlectorFencer

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Looking back at all the concept art you've done for Myre,  the world you've created keeps getting deeper and larger.  I can't wait to see what you have in store!
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Awesome!!! Great job
Alsii's avatar
Wonderful work
Thank you!
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You should stop making such epic art, I think it might crash deviantart. But seriously, this is amazing. All of your stuff for "Myre" is really cool, I can't wait to see the comic. I don't think I've ever been so excited for something :'D
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Aaa thank you so so much for the support for my comic Myre! <3
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I love it! Makes me think of How to Train Your Dragon.
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I loved the film and the music. :D
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Very beautiful. Looks like I have something new to build on minecraft.
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dragons are the best creatures in the world imo.
this scenery is great! Great depth and the sky is amazing~
AlectorFencer's avatar
They are! Thank you! :D
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awesome work and scene :heart:
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Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf den Comic! :) Das Bild ist jedenfalls wundervoll ^^
AlectorFencer's avatar
Vielen Dank! Es wird noch ganz spannend! *händereib* :D
Shandria's avatar
Wann ist denn die Veröffentlichung geplant? ^^
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this would make an awesome print! Such cool scenery. You amaze me once again.
Speed paint? wow! I just spent 4 hours drawing a very cartoony thing and it still isn't done! :) Clearly I need to keep working at it.....
VyathRekaer's avatar
*it being my art skills
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Oh wow that's beautiful!  Love the precipice and the light and shadows playing across the scene... and of course the dragons! :D
RadiantGloom's avatar
Everything you do makes me want to give up on life Waaaah!  so cool.
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Really Nice & Creative! :)
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A magnificent and inspiring scene!
FalconFate's avatar
Oh my goodness :faint: this is beautiful. :heart:
Dr-Kineil-Wicks's avatar
Oooh, lovely. The level of detail here is wonderful, and the concept reminds me of Dragonriders of Pern....I must read Myre when it comes out....
Excellent work! :D
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Amazing! O.O

Tho if i was the evil villein living their i would 100% complain over who left all the lights on. ^,..,^
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successful work
Thank you!
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