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Dragon Book

As promised, here is my first dragon book. It was quite a difficult approach since I had to figure out myself how to paint a glass blank. After many failures I found my personal technique, which has yet to be refined. ;D The surrounding of the eye is sculpted and the cover of the book is made of leather. The sheets are made of lovely watercolour and acrylic painting paper. It's one of my favourites, hence I chose it for this book. It took me a while to figure out how to fix the eye underneath and around the the leather. It's sealed like a bombshell and would never come off.

This one will be for display and auction at the Eurofurence artshow. Thank you so much for looking <3

For more leatherbooks, WIPs and photos, check out my Facebook page! ~>

Thank you so much for the feedback on my first leatherbook upload! <3
You can check it out here:
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Is the eye area done with polymer clay?
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Wow if that was in my hands I would melt with happiness lol
Wow!  love your work. 
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It just looks like a luxury Inheritance gift edition :) love it!
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o wow i know some frinds who would love this :)
garrus368's avatar
Wow,it so cool
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Late I come to this page, however, the Dragon book I find awesome!
Gabriels-OhNo's avatar
I think I have to say, your work is really inspiring! It pushes through the boundaries of what I imagined possible and opens creative doors. Thank you! :D
EugeneTeplitsky's avatar
What can I say? This is beautiful!
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precioso en todos los sentidos
MonsterFrankie2000's avatar
That's amazing!!!!))))
JaqErant92's avatar
Well done! Do you sell these?
FatalityMAC's avatar
beautiful art, how much is this book?
you do import into Brazil?
Thebestwarriorfan's avatar
That is AMAZING how do you do that
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Love the colors used and the design in both Fox and Dragon books. Leather looks like the best medium to use for bookcovers
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That is Beautiful!!!! I am currently working on a dragon mural, and make dragon eggs as well. 
AlectorFencer's avatar
This is so cool! Do you have pictures of those dragon eggs yet?
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fantastic piece you made here
Lucian-Ciel's avatar
Bella-Dolyna's avatar
Wow! Your work is really cool! Nod This is like if there was a real dragon on it! Clap Yay! Fantasy in the real life! =P (Razz)
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what did you use to sculpt it on? I'm interested in trying a similar thing to create gash marks in a book cover of mine.
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